Review: Icicles #24

I’ll start this review by stating that I’m not a big fan of Pipedream for ethical reasons, problematic marketing and the amount of toxic/porous products they produce, but affordable glass options seem to be quite hard to come by outside of this line. It’s stocked by most of the big retailers and is often people’s introduction to glass, so I have made an exception for this particular product and the number 8 I reviewed previously. It’s the line I would recommend if there’s nothing else available in your area, but I’d advise trying to source other options first. Regardless of how I feel about them as a company, I have to admit that the variety in the Icicles range is pretty good. It has a toy for every mood, occasion and level of experience, with the number 24 being suitable for intermediate players who enjoy texture.

Icicles 24It arrived in simplistic packaging and It’s pretty classy considering. The front of the box shows off an image of the product and actually pulls open to reveal it behind a window of plastic, display case style. Upon opening the box, I found the 24 protected within a layer of foam casing. I find it a little disappointing that this range doesn’t include storage bags, especially since the prices have been put up. I’ve got cheaper dildos from Lovehoney that included bags, so it’s a bit of a letdown that these don’t.

The box features some care instructions inside, but I strongly disagree with a section of them that advocates using microwaves and freezers to change the temperature. I would strongly advise against doing this. Microwaves can create heat spots and freezers could cause that tongue stuck to a metal pole scenario we’ve all seen in movies, but with your nether regions, which I’m sure would not be pleasant. Please stick to safe methods such as the fridge or a bowl of warm/cold water to change temperatures.

Icicles 24When I held the number 24 for the first time, I was mesmerised. I would describe this toy as being incredibly pretty, despite the colour. I know I complain about the overuse of pink all the time in this industry but I’m a huge fan of coloured glass and don’t mind pink so much when it’s combined with this material. It’s more of a soft baby pink too, which makes a change from all the generic Barbie shades that seem to dominate the market.

As for the shape and texture, it’s a style I seem to be drawn to a lot over the past few months. I don’t know if I have a secret love for Hentai that even I don’t know about yet or whether it’s just a great combination, but I find these toys so enjoyable to look at and experiment with. This particular tentacle is hand-crafted and I couldn’t find any flaws with its gorgeous design or ribbed finish. It’s pretty good quality and I think it will last a long time with proper care.

So, how do you give it proper care? Well, you can use it with any type of lubricant that you wish as there are no worries of material degradation here and then place it in the top rack of the dishwasher after use for a thorough clean. I would definitely recommend this option if you’re switching between orifices or partners (or both!) or you use this on a regular basis. I use soap and water (with an old toothbrush to remove any harbouring fluids from the nodules) for every day cleans and opt for the dishwasher option once or month or so for a more in-depth wash.

Icicles 24

It has four and a half inches of girth, which is manageable for most people, but keep in mind that glass toys tend to feel larger than they are due to the firmness of material and this also has tons of texture to contend with. As for the length it has six inches in total with four and a half inches being insertable. This might not sound like it has much to offer, but this is more than enough length to hit the g-spot. The remaining length makes up the curved finger loop at the base which makes movement feel effortless, calm and controlled.

If asked how it feels, I’d answer “delightful.” The nodules are more pronounced than those on most of my other glass pieces so I tend to use this toy quite slowly, with a good coating of Slick Lubricant. The pronounced bumps can actually be a little painful if I’m aimlessly thrusting as fast as possible, so slow back and forth/rocking motions seem to work best. Not only does this feel more comfortable, but it also allows me to really sit back and enjoy the texture.

During the first few movements it feels as though the tapered tip is gently caressing my g-spot, but the pressure quickly begins to build up as the added stimulation of the texture massaging my vaginal walls and leaning up against my entrance becomes more prevalent. I find this to be a lethal combination and it almost always ensures a successful, intense climax. It’s even better if I add a clitoral vibrator into the mix.

Icicles 24

Overall, I think this is probably the best of the two dildos I tried from the Icicles range. Its gorgeous s-shape and easy to use handle make it really easy for me to find the right spots to hit and the firm, noduled texture pretty much does the rest. It has been a great toy for me to use on lazy masturbation days, providing there’s enough lube on hand, and I’d definitely recommend it to fans of texture.

You can purchase the Icicles 24 (£56.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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