Just Glide Lubricant by Womanizer Review

If you just bought a new toy or simply looking to try a new type of lube for your existing toy and/or partner, then Just Glide lube is one I want to share with you today.

Just Glide Lubricant
Just Glide Lubricant

The bottle I get is 20ml and I have to say, it seems to last longer than other lubes I’ve bought in the past. I think this is because I don’t have to use as much each time, and it doesn’t dry as fast either. Also, I love the fact it’s medical grade so I know it’s going to be safe to recommend without too much risk of allergens.

The lid screws off, instead of a squeeze bottle. This was a bit different as I was used to the tubes you squeeze, but it can be hard to get just enough. The screw off option allows you to easily scoop some back in if you accidently poor too much.

In Summary

It’s water-based, which is a great thing too. I know for me the majority of my toy collection is silicone, so I know it will work well with all of them and not have to worry about it causing my toys to degrade faster than they should.