Review: Just Glide Silicone Lubricant

Just Glide Silicone LubricantAfter testing the Womanizer Just Glide Lubricant, I noticed that the same brand also make a few other products. I was particularly interested in their Silicone version as I really like this type of lubricant for penetrative sex. It’s also great for shower or bath fun and it glides so easily on toys that are made from glass and metal, which are my two favourite materials. Orion sent me a bottle to see what I thought, so read on to find out more or jump to the quick review if you just want the facts.

The bottle is similar to the previous version I reviewed, but this time it has a darker colour scheme. It’s nonchalant enough that it could be left out and not looked twice at. It was sealed with plastic for full assurance that it wasn’t tampered with prior to use, which I liked. It operates and dispenses via a pump nozzle, which is my personal preference for lubricants as it ensures that I get the perfect amount of product each time. A pump also avoids unnecessary spills, waste and mess.

Upon pumping the bottle for the first time, I noticed that the lubricant had a medical/hospital scent to it, which told me that this product was high-quality. I only associate this particular smell with hospitals and trust me, I’ve been in and out of them a whole lot. I don’t think it’s an off-putting or negative smell, but it’s not the sexiest of scents either.  This lubricant is quite thin, possibly one of the thinnest silicone lubricants I’ve tried, but it is extremely slick and lasts for a decent amount of time. It begins to dry out slightly after 20-30 minutes though, so a quick top-up may be needed if you tend to have longer sessions.

It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy and once I’d removed it, my skin was left feeling soft and refreshed. It is difficult to get off, as all silicone lubricants are, but simply applying some water-based over the top of the area before rinsing removes the majority of the product. A good scrub is sometimes needed to remove all traces of it.

Quick Review

Product name? Just Glide Silicone Lubricant

Type? Silicone Based

How much product do I get? 100ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? No

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? No

Condom safe? Yes

Ingredients? Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicnol, Ethylhexyl Stearate

      You can purchase the Just Glide Silicone Lubricant (11.95€/£10.38) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

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