Review: Key by Jopen Vela Massager

After falling in love with the Key by Jopen Comet Wand 2, I had wanted to try some other toys from this Jopen line. The problem with this was that it’s incredibly difficult to find any Jopen products where I’m based. Most retailers only seem to carry the Comet Wand. One of the companies I’ve recently started working with offered me the chance to try two other vibrators from this range and I excitedly accepted. If you are from the UK like me and are curious about Jopen toys, I’d recommend heading over to Secret Lovejoy and checking out the options they stock.

The Key By Jopen Vela Massager arrives in a classy cardboard sleeve with a picture of the product on the front. The back lists a bit about the range and some of the vibrators key features. Once the sleeve is removed a black storage box is revealed that houses the Vela. In the bottom section of the box I located a storage pouch, an instruction manual, which was really just a small leaflet with a battery compartment diagram inside – no real instructions, and a small leaflet that told you more about Key and the available warranty.

Key by Jopen Vela Massager

Key by Jopen Vela MassagerKey by Jopen Vela MassagerKey by Jopen Vela Massager





Vela is made up of a stainless alloy button, abs plastic handle and a silky soft silicone body. It feels very smooth and luxurious to the touch and has only a small amount of drag to it around the subtle ribbed texture. Jopen recommend using only water based lubricants with this product and I’d say that is essential if the plan is to use the Vela internally. You can rinse it thoroughly after each use as this toy is fully waterproof, but do make sure the battery compartment is firmly in place first. It doesn’t attract much lint and the texture doesn’t harbor fluids so soapy water can do the cleaning job just fine. If more than one person will be using the Vela vaginally then I would advise wiping down with a 10% bleach solution instead.

Key by Jopen Vela MassagerIt takes four triple a batteries, that aren’t included, so make sure to stock up on those if buying this toy. To insert them you have to unscrew the base, pull up the flap that’s inside and reveal the compartment. There are then directions inside regarding the way the batteries should face. Once they are all in position, place the flap back down and screw the base back on firmly. This ensures that the toy remains waterproof and performs properly.

There is only one button on the Vela, which is located on the plastic handle. The box describes it as an easy push button but I’d have to disagree. I found it quite stiff and hard to press, so changing through the settings was difficult when it was inserted. This button takes one firm press for a few seconds to turn on and each further firm tap will cycle you through the various intensities. To turn off, press and hold down again for a few seconds.

There are seven settings on this vibrator. One steady speed and six functions. There’s some fast pulsation, slow drawn out pulsing, quick buzzing, quick bursts of buzzing and one setting that pulsates between two different intensities. I generally hate patterns and stick with the steady speed but I didn’t actually mind that last setting. It was fairly unique and differs from the stop and start pulsations that drive me crazy (and I don’t mean crazy in a good way!).

I was surprised by the rumbles of the Vela. It’s not often that I can place rumbly vibrations hand in hand with a battery operated toy, but here we are. A rare exception. The sensations from these vibrations go below the surface of the clitoris and have a depth to them that my body admires. They travel well through the silicone surface and the entire body of the toy. There’s no areas where the vibrations feel weak or lackluster, so the motor positioning must be perfect. I was expecting the silicone to dampen the vibrations and I was also expecting buzziness, but neither occurred.

Key by Jopen Vela MassagerThis vibrator has a gently tapered tip for comfortable insertion which also aids placing pressure against the clitoris as it makes the sensations feel more accurate and plush. Vela is a broad stimulation toy so will probably work best for those who love that type of stimulation. If using the Vela internally then I would recommend doing some warm-up first. This is not a small toy. It is just under eight and a half inches in length, with five and a half being insertable and has a girth of five and a half inches at the widest point. It’s not a toy I’d recommend to a beginner.

With some warm-up from the Vixen Mustang, I can accommodate the Vela with no problems. I was expecting it to feel like a regular classic vibrator that doesn’t hit any particular sweet spots, but boy was I wrong. It has no curve, so without angling it at an uncomfortable position it doesn’t hit the g-spot. It does however hit my a-spot. I’ve found straighter toys with broad surface areas tend to be the best suited to satisfying this erogenous zone. I’m a big fan of A-spot stuff and the firmness of the Vela was ideal for this. Combine it with the rumbly motor and I can reach orgasm city in no time. No clitoral stimulation needed. It has some ridges up and down the shaft which don’t feel all that defined when running a hand over them, but they become somewhat noticeable during internal use. I’d have loved them to be more raised for added sensation, but I can feel them if I twist the toy back and forth rather than thrust.

I also found success when using the Vela externally. I usually prefer slanted tips or some other variation of a precise head for clitoral stimulation, but the rumbles from the motor made me forget all about my preferences. It worked wonderfully for my partner too. If he presses the head against his frenulum he can get off very quickly. He found that the vibrations were perhaps a little strong for him on sensitive days, but they did do the job nonetheless. He likes his smaller plastic bullets or super squishy silicone vibrators, but he can find the firmer silicone products to be a tad harsh on his penis without a thick coating of gel lubricant.

Key by Jopen Vela MassagerFinally, the box states that this toy is whisper quiet. I never believe packaging or product descriptions that reads this as no vibrator is silent, but this one is pretty faint. I didn’t need background music or anything playing to cover the sound. The door of my bedroom being closed was enough to muffle the sound. I’d be happy to recommend it to people who need discretion as long as they are comfortable with the size (if wanting an internal vibe) and like strong vibrations.

I received the Key by Jopen Vela Massager (£46.99) from Secret Love Joy in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links are currently being used within this post.

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