Review: Key by Jopen Virgo Massager

I had been wanting to try some more toys from this Jopen line ever since I fell in love with the Comet Wand 2. The reason it has taken so long is because it’s incredibly difficult to find any Jopen products where I’m based. Most of the retailers I’m familiar with stock the Comet Wand and maybe a couple of the vibes from the Callie line, but nothing else from the Key range. One of the companies I’ve recently started working with offered me the chance to try the Vela and the Virgo and I gladly accepted. If you’d like to see what other Jopen toys are available, you can get check out Secret Lovejoy’s variety on their website.

Key by Jopen Virgo MassagerThe Key by Jopen Virgo Massager arrives in a classy cardboard sleeve with a picture of the product on the front. The back lists a bit about the range and some of the vibrators key features. Once the sleeve has been removed a black storage box is revealed that houses the Virgo. In the bottom section of the box I located an instruction manual, which was just a small leaflet with a battery compartment diagram inside, and a satin storage pouch.

Virgo Is made up of a velvety smooth silicone body, plastic handle and a stainless alloy button. It feels as luxurious as it looks and doesn’t have much drag to it at all. The only area of real friction is around the swirled texture at the top. Jopen recommend using only water based lubricants with their products as silicone lubes might interact with the material of the toy. I didn’t need to use much lube with this one as it’s primarily designed for external use. You can rinse the Virgo thoroughly after every use as the toy is fully waterproof, but make sure the battery compartment is in place firmly before doing so. It doesn’t attract a ton of lint or harbour fluids so soapy water does the cleaning job perfectly.

Key by Jopen Virgo MassagerIt takes two double a batteries, that aren’t included, so be sure to stock up on them if ordering this toy. To insert them simply unscrew the base, place inside the compartment as directed and twist the cap back into position. For the price, I’d expect a vibrator like this to either come with batteries or be rechargeable. It costs a tiny bit more than the Adrien Lastic Symphony, but is going to cost even more over a long period of time with the regular battery buying. For this reason I’m not sure whether this toy is cost-effective at full price.

There is only one button on the Virgo and this is located in the middle of the toy. It’s described as being an easy push button, but as I also found with the Vela, it wasn’t. It was rather stiff in my opinion and relatively difficult to press, so changing the settings could lead to a puddle of frustration rather than an abundance of orgasms. The singular button takes one firm press for a few seconds to turn on and then each further tap cycles through the various intensities. To turn off, press and hold down for a few seconds.

Key by Jopen Virgo MassagerThere are seven settings on this vibrator. One is a constant speed and the remaining six are patterns. There’s a mix of everything in there, starting with fast pulsation, moving into quick buzzing and ending with a setting that pulsates between two different intensities. I am not a pattern fan (and I don’t know many others who are) but I didn’t actually mind that last setting. It’s pretty unique and differs from the stop and start pulsations that I absolutely hate. I’ve only felt similar on the Virgo’s sister toy, the Vela.

How did I feel about the vibrations? Mostly confused. I liked the vibrations on my initial test run but when I looked at them in more depth later on I noticed that there was something frustrating about them. I would describe them as being somewhat rumbly, which is a surprise considering it only takes two batteries. They travelled with through the silicone surface of the head and the small area of usable shaft. I couldn’t point out any areas where the vibrations felt weak or dampened, so the motor positioning is good. I was expecting the silicone to dampen the vibrations and I was also expecting buzziness, but neither occurred. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the lack of depth that the rumbles have. It’s hard to articulate what I mean as rumbles and below the surface stimulation generally go hand in hand, but the Virgo’s vibrations can’t reach the same depth as other toys in this category.

It didn’t hit the same spots as the Vela either which added to the confusion. I assume the same type of motor has been used in both, but it’s possible that this one felt underwhelming to me because it takes less batteries than the other. If I had tried this one first I may have felt differently, but I can’t be sure that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. Could I get off with the Virgo Massager? Yes, potentially, but I’d need twenty minutes or so to get off. By that point my clit is usually bored, aching or numb so the orgasm isn’t all that satisfying. It becomes more of a split-second ‘oh, that felt nice’ rather than ‘oh my god, I need to go for round two.’ The orgasms (a total of two) have not been memorable at all, which leaves me feeling less than enthusiastic about the Virgo.

Key by Jopen Virgo MassagerI thought that twisting or turning the textured head over the clit would provide the extra stimulation that I needed but the ridges are not hugely defined which makes them feel very, very subtle and I have to concentrate to notice them. Subtle doesn’t really do it for me externally. I need all guns blazing.

It might work better internally, but that’s not what this massager was designed for. I didn’t use it internally, but I suppose it could be done in theory. It does have a pretty decent girth at around five and a half inches so I wouldn’t recommend trying it unless that is manageable to you and you don’t mind a lot of firmness.

Finally, the box states that this toy is whisper quiet. I never believe packaging or product descriptions that reads this as no vibrator is ever silent, but this one is fairly easy on the ears. I didn’t need background music or anything playing to cover the sound. The door of my bedroom being closed was enough to muffle the sound. I’d be happy to recommend it to people who need discretion as long as they aren’t intending to buy this based on the texture, as they will be disappointed. In all honesty though, I’d rather recommend the Vela. It has better vibrations, the texture is more noticeable and it’s more versatile in its uses.

I received the Key by Jopen Virgo Massager (£45.99) from Secret Lovejoy in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used in this post at this time.


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