Review: Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser

I recently recruited a new piece of glass for my collection and that piece was the Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I adore glass products as they’re body-safe and have the option of being used for temperature play, which is something else that I adore. This product is inexpensive and non-intimidating, so would be a great introductory piece of glass to those who are unsure about the material. If you’ve never tried glass, I’m highly recommending that you should.

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 2

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 3

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 4





I received this product in exchange for my honest review from Bondage Bunnies and it arrived packaged discreetly as advertised. It was also a super speedy delivery, so I was already impressed with their service. The packaging for the toy itself is the cardboard box pictured above, nice and simple, just a picture of the toy on the front and an illustration on the back. It had an outer plastic packet for extra protection and an inner polystyrene case to protect the dildo. This toy doesn’t come with an included storage bag, so remember to pick one up if you require one.

I’d never heard of this brand or tried any of their products before and at half the price of my favourite glass toys, I wasn’t sure how great the quality would be. I’m pleased to report that this dildo is just as well-made as its more expensive counterparts. It is a great size and shape, quite slimline, but the texture and rigidness of the material make it feel slightly larger than it is. It has around 5.5 inches of insertable length and 3.5 inches of girth. Like I mentioned in the introduction, this isn’t particularly intimidating and should be manageable for most. The dildo has 8 inches of overall length, so there’s plenty of left over dildo to grip onto whilst using.

As this toy is made from glass, any lubricant can be used with it. If you’re new to penetration, you might want to opt for a thick water-based or a slick silicone lube for easier insertion and a sensual glide. I don’t need much lubricant with this toy, just a little around the textured shaft. To clean, you can spritz with an antibacterial toy cleaner and rinse under running water. I don’t find it harbours fluids around the texture, which is often the case with silicone toys, so it’s a very quick and easy process.

If you wish to use this toy for temperature play, you can do. I prefer glass to be chilled, but you can heat it to body temperature if you prefer. You can chill it in the fridge or in a bowl of cold water, likewise you can leave the dildo in a bowl of warm water for 15-20 minutes before use.

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 8

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 8

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 6

Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser 5





So, I’ve given this dildo a fair few tries now and whilst I’ve enjoyed those experiences, there are other pieces of glass that I prefer. This is due to my preferences rather than anything being wrong with the toy. It might be the perfect piece for somebody else, but it’s not quite 100% perfect for me. As of right now, I’m putting it down to the pointed tip. I do own other toys with a similar point, but this one manages to catch on my pubic bone and I find it quite sharp. It does hurt a little bit, so I have to be careful about the positioning whilst using this.

If I can get the angle right and manage to avoid the pubic bone hitting scenario, this toy is enjoyable. It pounds my G-Spot as promised and produces a noteworthy orgasm. I did find if I inserted it in the opposite direction (so the curve faces down rather than up) it seemed to work better. I prefer to insert the rounder, smaller end because there’s no worry of hurting myself this way and I can thrust as fast as I wish. I love the texture of this toy, it’s a spiral of raised ripples and feels great when twisted inside. I do like to have some texture on my glass toys and this has just the right amount for me.

Overall, I love the appearance of the toy and the dimensions of it are great. The texture feels fantastic during use and the rounder end is great to thrust with. The pointed end can work my G-Spot like a charm, providing I can get the angle right and avoid injuring myself. It’s not an overly sharp point, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I like this toy, but it’s not perfect. For the price, it’s not bad and it’s definitely worth a try if you’re new to the material, enjoy subtle texture or don’t mind the sharpish point.

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You can purchase the Kinx Rippled Glass G-Spot Teaser (£20) from Simply Pleasure.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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