Review: Laid D2 Stone

Laid D2 StoneI had admired this toy from afar for months before I finally caved in and purchased one. I reached the point where I just had to know what it felt like. I had never used a stone sex toy before or even considered it, but something about this particular product from Laid got my senses going into overdrive just thinking about it. It wasn’t just the aesthetics and material that drew me to the D2 though, I was also intrigued by the asymmetrical shape, the dual ends and the possibilities that come with those things.

The packaging for the Laid D2 is unimpressive and bland. It’s just a cardboard box with some product information on the side and a foam try inside to protect the product. It doesn’t come with a storage bag either, which would have been appreciated as this isn’t cheap. I wasn’t too bothered by the over simplistic packaging once I opened up the box and lay my eyes on the majestic aesthetics for the first time. I’m still mesmerised by it now and I’ve used it dozens of times.

It has a lot in common with my favourite materials glass and metal, so I was stoked to try it out. The D2 is made from perfectly polished Absolute Black Granite and is of course, hand-sculpted. Every dildo made by Laid is unique in this sense, but always elegant and beautiful. Black Granite is a body-safe material that is also non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic. It can be used with any type of lubricant but I tend to stick with silicone-based for a better glide. As for cleaning, I just use soap and water most of the time as I’m the only person who uses it and I stick to the same orifice each time.

Just like glass and metal, stone can be used to experiment with temperature play. One of my favourite parts of sex is fooling around with temperature, so I loved this. To engage in this, place the D2 in the fridge for a period of time between ten and thirty minutes (depending how cool you want it) or in a bowl of cool water if this is not an option. You can also heat it up in a bowl of warm water. I’ve seen a few retail sites advise heating it up in a microwave or cooling down in a freezer but please DO NOT do this. Microwaves can create heat spots and freezers could cause that tongue stuck to a metal pole scenario we’ve all seen in movies, but with your nether regions, which I’m sure would not be pleasant.

Laid D2 StoneIf you like some weight to your toys, and I mean weight that’s more along the lines of the nJoy Fun/Pure Wand than the Crowned Jewels Marylebone, then I think you may love the D2. It is heavier than I thought it would be at 422 grams and this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good because the extra weight can really aid internal stimulation and the amount of pressure placed upon the g-spot, but bad because this might make this product inaccessible or difficult for some users. If you have mobility issues, weak wrists/joints or are easily fatigued, then you might only get five minutes of use before needing a break. Personally, I struggle with lacklustre joints so I have to work hard and fast to get what I need from the D2.

It has around eight inches of total length, most of which are insertable and just under five inches of girth at the widest point. I don’t need the entire length as five inches are more than enough for me at this firmness/weight. The remaining length is perfect as a sturdy handle. I think the size should be manageable for most frequent toy users but do keep the rigidity in mind as it makes the D2 feel a little bigger than the measurements dictate.

It has a gorgeous smooth shaft that’s slightly twisted at the top and curves gently into a broad, flattened head which provides a fuller feeling once inserted and firm g-spot stimulation. I think this end has been designed to be twisted or rocked back and forth, as I found these to be the most successful methods. It really doesn’t take much manoeuvring to make the head of the D2 hit my g-spot repeatedly into a climax and I’ve found the orgasms that I’ve had at the hands of this end have been rather intense. I haven’t been able to ejaculate with it yet, but the g-spot stimulation I can achieve has been successful 80% of the time, even without the addition of clitoral vibrations.

As for the other end, which has a bit of a point to it, I didn’t find much enjoyment. I was disappointed by this but I think it ultimately came down to the fact that it wasn’t quite rounded enough for me in this case. I am often fine with pointed ends on glass toys, but I just felt that the weight of this stone toy made it quite difficult for me to manoeuvre it where I wanted without creating a scratching or stabbing sensation. I think I’d have to thrust with this end quite quickly, with a lot of lubricant, to find success with it and this is something that I just can’t do due to the issues I have with my wrists.

Laid D2 Stone

In conclusion, I think stone is a material that you absolutely must try if you enjoy the weight of stainless steel. Laid also make a Black Stone Butt Plug and a Blue Norwegian Moonstone Dildo that might be worth looking at. I know I want to try more from them now!

You can purchase the Laid D2 Stone (£60) from Velvet Fleurs.

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