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Lelo AliaI purchased this quite a while ago because I was drawn to the unusual shape. I love clitoral vibrators and wanted to try something outside of the traditional bullet, pebble and wands, so this seemed like the right choice.  I now wish that I had stuck to the shapes that work for me, as I just can’t get off with the Alia. Before I tell you why,  I want to make it clear that I no longer support Lelo, but I thought it was still worth sharing my thoughts on this as it’s quite unique.

It arrived in typical Lelo fashion in a glossy outer box, complete with a black storage box underneath. Inside, the Alia sat within some casing, alongside the charging cable, instruction manual, warranty card, sachet of personal lubricant and a satin storage pouch.

It is made from a glorious, soft silicone which is free from latex and phthalates. It’s completely body safe, non-toxic and all that good stuff. The material is smooth to the touch and has a very minimal amount of drag to it. I recommend using water-based lubricant with it regardless though as it seems to make the vibrations feel more comfortable. As most silicone products do, it gathers a ton of lint. I would say significantly less than Fun Factory toys, but enough that it needs to be washed thoroughly before and after each use. It’s a hundred percent waterproof toy, so rinsing is no problem and a spot of soap will work just fine for the cleaning process.

Lelo AliaThe Alia is rechargeable via a three-pin plug which is placed into an outlet whilst the jack goes into the self-sealing silicone port on the base of the toy. A light will flash as this toy is charging to indicate that it’s doing so, which becomes steady as the charge is complete. A full charge seems to take around two hours, which is supposed to give around four hours of use. It differs depending on the settings used of course, but overall this is a good charge to play time ratio.

As for the controls, there are three buttons that operate the Alia. A plus, a minus and a pattern button. Press and hold the plus button for a couple of seconds to begin the vibrations and tap to increase the intensity. The minus button is in charge of decreasing intensity and also the turning the toy off. The pattern button is pretty self-explanatory in that it controls the non-steady vibrations. There are six of these to choose from and as expected, I didn’t find any of them particularly enjoyable.

Now, I don’t know what it is about this toy, but I just can’t get off with it. I thought that the unusual shape would present some challenges, but I also thought I’d be able to work around them and get myself off. It turns out that I can’t. The only upside that I could find was how comfortable it was to hold. The finger loop actually comes in handy when you’re wrestling with a toy and trying to get it into a position suitable of inducing orgasms.

It’s not like the vibrations were weaker than those of the Mia 2, so I couldn’t understand what was going wrong. It took me a while to figure out that it was something else causing the problems, not the motor. The vibrations themselves aren’t bad. I would describe them as buzzy and slightly numbing at times, but in terms of power, I have felt much weaker from Lelo. I have weaker vibrators than this that I can get off with, so I eventually concluded that it had to be the shape that was the issue. It didn’t matter how much pressure I used against my clitoris or what angle I came from, there never seemed to be enough sensation getting through.

Lelo Alia

I want and crave firm clitoral pressure when I’m using a sex toy but I just didn’t get that even when I pressed the Alia right up against my hood. I put myself into numerous positions hoping that I’d find one that would work but the closest I came to finding this toy pleasurable was having it up on its side (as pictured) and laying on it, whilst sort of grinding against it. I still got nowhere even close to an orgasm, even when going for half an hour or more. After 10 + tries, I decided it was time to give up and accept that the Alia just isn’t for me.

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