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Lelo EllaIf you had asked me a year ago who my favourite luxury toy brand were, I probably would have answered Lelo. If you asked me now, I’d tell you to seek out better companies such as We-Vibe, Svakom and Doxy. I don’t support Lelo anymore, due to ethical reasons briefly explained in the disclaimer at the end of this review, but I thought it was still worth sharing my thoughts on one of their popular toys that I purchased pre-hex era, called the Ella.

One thing that I cannot fault this brand on, is the presentation. I’m a sucker for simplistic, but luxurious packaging and that’s what I get with their products. Inside the cardboard sleeve and gift box it arrives in, the Ella can be found within a tray for added protection. The box also houses a satin storage pouch, user manual, a sachet of personal lubricant and a warranty card. Lelo’s warranty lasts for one year, but they also offer a ten-year guarantee, which you register for through their site.

Lelo Ella It is made from a glorious, luxurious silicone which is free from latex and phthalates, making it completely body-safe. It’s rather smooth to the touch and has a minimal amount of drag to it. It’s not minimal enough that I don’t need to use lubricant though, and as this toy is made from silicone, water-based is the type to go for.

The material picks up a fair amount of lint, but not to the same degree as the silicone used by Fun Factory. It can be easily removed under running water and cleaned with soap or toy cleaner. This material can be cleaned more thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution or by being placed in the dishwasher, which I’d recommend doing if you’re switching between orifices and/or partners.

The Lelo Ella is around seven inches in length, with just over five of those inches being insertable. I think this should be manageable for the majority of people who are used to penetrative sex or insertable toys, but I personally would have welcomed an extra inch of insertable length because I’m greedy.  I do think that any additional length would have put beginners off, so I’m happy with what it has and I feel it’s still enough to do the job that the toy is designed to do. In terms of girth, there are just over four inches around the widest point. This made me unsure at first as it’s quite slimline for a g-spot dildo, but somehow, it works.

Lelo Ella

In use, it took me a while to figure out that it’s actually double-ended and either side can be used depending on the type of stimulation you’re after. I definitely have a preference though and that is to use the flat, rounded end internally and the pointed end as a handle. I have found that the flat end sort of presses up against the g-spot’s entire surface area really easily. It doesn’t overwhelm the spot but it doesn’t leave anything to be desired either. It hits it perfectly, stimulating every curve and crevice.

I can orgasm easily with the flat end, and yes, I mean a squirting orgasm, which is not something I can regularly achieve with many toys. I think there are less than ten toys that can make me orgasm in this way on a consistent basis, but the Ella is within that small handful. It’s a particularly intense orgasm when I add a clitoral vibrator or my partner’s hand into the mix. I have found the best way for me to consistently reach this orgasm is a gentle rocking motion. I have found thrusting to be uncomfortable with this toy, especially if I’m using it with the pointed end inserted, slow and steady definitely seems to win the race here.

Lelo EllaOverall, I think the Ella is a fantastic toy for g-spot stimulation and I can’t help but want to recommend it. It’s slowly being taken off the shelves though, so I would advise getting it sooner rather than later if it sounds of interest to you. I just wish that the pointed end had been smoothed over and rounded instead, as I believe this would have stopped the stabbing pains when this end was inserted. The flat side is the clear winner for me.

The Lelo Ella seems to have been discontinued from a lot of sex stores and Lelo’s own website. Will update with links if/when I find a stockist.

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