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I purchased the Lelo Ina 2 during Lovehoney’s very generous Christmas Day sale. I’d had my eye on a luxury rabbit vibrator for a while and was trying to decide between the Ina 2 and the Ina Wave. My decision appeared to be made for me when I checked the sale in the early hours of December 25th. I placed the order and the Ina 2 arrived quickly and discreetly a few days into the new year.

I’m an absolute sucker for luxurious packaging with luxury items and this is one thing that Lelo always do right. It arrived in a shiny purple box with a picture of the Ina 2 on the front and the brand name on the other side. Inside the glossy outer box, was a sturdy, black storage box housing the Ina within some black velvet lining. In a separate section of the box, I found the user manual, warranty card, satin storage pouch, a sachet of personal lubricant and the charger.

I decided to register the toy before I did anything else. Lelo offer a one year warranty and a ten-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind when purchasing one of their products. It’s ridiculously quick and easy to register a product. Go to their website, click register and fill out the information along with the number on your included warranty card.

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2






The Lelo Ina 2 is rechargeable via a three-pin plug. The charging point is located near the base of the toy (as pictured) and is covered by a silicone seal. Charging couldn’t be easier, pull back the seal, insert the jack and the plug and then you’re all set. The buttons do light up on this toy to indicate that it’s charging. A full charge takes approximately two hours and this provides roughly four hours of playtime. I often use my vibrators on full speed, so often find the play time is less than advertised, but this still offers decent charge to play time ratio. I have found that the battery drains much faster on this toy than the Mona or the Nea which can be left in a drawer untouched for a week or so and be perfectly fine to use afterwards. This seems to die out if left unattended for more than a few days at a time

Examining the toy, I was pleased to find there were no visible seams showing on the silicone shaft, but there was a visible/noticeable seam on one side of the ABS plastic handle, that cheapened the aesthetics for me slightly. I enjoy the quality of the silicone that Lelo use, it’s smooth and durable, but it does have a fair amount of drag to it. I cannot use any Lelo toys without a good helping of water-based lubricant, it’s essential to minimise the friction.

The handle and internal arm are both completely rigid, the internal arm has no room for movement whatsoever. I was surprised to find the shaft felt very sturdy, tough and stubborn. On paper (and in my mind) I thought this was going to be ideal for G-spot play, but it didn’t exactly work out like that. I’ll get back to that in a second. The clitoral arm has some squish to it and is flexible, but not overly so, it’s just enough to adjust slightly, enabling me to position it in the ideal spot for my anatomy. I find the clitoral arm to be much more comfortable and pleasant.

Getting back to the G-spot situation, I really did think this would sync with mine, but it just didn’t happen. The bulbous head, overstated curve and length/girth were all giving the impression that I’d enjoy the internal arm, but I found it to actually be painful on occasion, even with lots of lubricant. It catches on the wall of my vagina, rather than hitting my G-spot and this has majorly disappointed me. If I experience pain with a toy, I assess what could have gone wrong and whether it was just a one-off, bad angle situation or whether it’s something that can happen regularly due to the toy itself. It turned out to be the latter, although I’m still not 100% sure of why this is.

If I do wish to use the Ina 2, I have to angle with close precision in order to avoid pain and maximise comfort. I end up in the same position each and every time, which is simply laying on my side and almost wrapping my legs around the vibrator. It’s like a vulva-thigh-vibrator hug. This position seems to be the best for the clitoral arm too, as this is the only time it will reach properly.

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2





There are four buttons on this vibrator. The (+) button turns the toy on, starting the steady vibrations and increases the intensity with each tap. The (-) button decreases intensity and turns the toy off. The (↑) arrow begins the patterns and cycles through them with each tap. The (↓) obviously cycles back down through the various functions. All of these buttons are easy to understand, locate and operate. There are seven levels of intensity with this toy and eight functions.

I mostly use the highest two intensities, although I think they’re much weaker than the Mona 2 and could be improved. It can be a bit of a battle trying to get an orgasm out of this toy. It has one decent pattern and although I can’t orgasm with it, it’s fun to experiment with. The one I like is a roller coaster function that travels from low to high. A quick run through of the other patterns; external stimulation only, internal stimulation only, mix of stimulation, pulsing in both arms, roller coaster speed high to low and an unusual mix of vibrations to conclude. The sole external stimulation is not powerful enough for me and I can take or leave internal vibrations and in this case, I’d prefer to leave them. They’re simply not strong or rumbly enough.

If the Ina 2 is 100% more powerful than the original, then I feel bad for those who purchased the first version. The internal arms begin to develop a low rumble on the highest setting, but it never reaches the intensity that I hoped it would or that I require. The real disappointment lies with the clitoral arm. The vibrations here are nothing special and to be honest, they are surface level/shallow and somewhat buzzy. They don’t stand out to me at all and I don’t get much from the clitoral vibrations at all. If an Ina 3 is ever made, I hope that they ramp up the power in the clitoral shaft.

In conclusion, the Ina 2 just about works with my anatomy, but it’s not the most comfortable toy to use, nor it is the strongest. There’s nothing specifically wrong with it, other than the strength, so I feel that it’s ultimately come down to compatibility and the fact we are not. It has good points, such as being rechargeable, easy to clean, fully waterproof and easy to operate, so whilst I don’t think it’s the right rabbit vibrator for me, it’s not the worst one that’s available. I took a risk on the Ina 2 and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off.

You can purchase the Lelo Ina 2 (£149.99) from Lovehoney.

We purchased this product ourselves. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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