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Lelo Liv 2If you had asked me a year ago who my favourite luxury toy brand were, I probably would have answered Lelo. If you asked me now, I’d tell you to seek out better companies like We-Vibe, L’Amourose and Doxy. I don’t support Lelo anymore, due to ethical reasons and their decision to work with Charlie Sheen, but I thought it was still worth sharing my thoughts on one of their popular toys that I purchased pre-hex era, named the Liv 2.

One thing that I cannot fault this brand on is presentation as I’m a sucker for luxurious, simplistic packaging. Inside the cardboard sleeve and box it arrives in, the Liv 2 appears within some casing for added protection. In a separate area of the box I found the charger, warranty card, user manual, a sachet of personal lubricant and a satin storage pouch. The warranty lasts for one year, but there is a ten-year guarantee, which is registered via their site after a couple of questions are answered.

It is made from a seamless silicone which is free from latex and phthalates, making it completely body-safe. It’s velvety smooth to the touch and has very minimal drag to it. I would still recommend using water-based lubricant if you’re using this internally or plan to use this against the clitoris and know that it would make the experience more comfortable for you. The silicone body attracts a fair amount of lint, but not to the same degree as Fun Factory. It can be easily rinsed away as the Liv 2 is completely waterproof, although I would advise caution around the charging port.

Lelo Liv 2The Liv 2 is rechargeable via a three-pin plug which is plugged into an outlet and the jack goes into the base of the toy. A light will flash on the control panel as the toy is charging, which then goes steady once the charge is complete. A full charge takes around two hours, which is supposed to provide around four hours of use. I find this is less if using it consistently on the higher speeds, but the play to charge time ratio is still much better than I had expected.

The measurements of the Liv 2 are extremely manageable and in my opinion, should be fine for most users. It is 6.5 inches in overall length, with just four inches being insertable. It also has a maximum girth of 3.5 inches, which is pretty slimline, especially for something that can be used as a g-spot vibrator.

It has a four button interface, the + turns on the vibrations and increases intensity, the minus decreases intensity and turns the toy off, the up and down arrows control the patterns. There are five patterns to scroll through and three different speeds. There’s also a travel lock feature on this toy which is activated by holding the + and – down for a few seconds and doing the same when it’s time to unlock.

Lelo Liv 2The vibrations are definitely buzzy, but they’re not the high-pitched numbing type of buzzy vibrations that I despise, although they do reach the verge of it at times. I would describe the Liv 2 as similar in strength to the OhMiBod Cuddle, but the Liv’s frequency of vibrations is better.

I don’t find the Liv to be painful to use internally, so I think it’s nice enough to use in that way, but it couldn’t bring me to a vaginal orgasm. I couldn’t get it to hit the right spot as a g-spot toy, as for me, the curve is in the wrong place. I like it to be up and under the head of the toy, rather than halfway down the shaft. The shape of the Gigi is much better for that, but those vibrations are also lacklustre.

I’ve taken it to using it as an occasional clitoral vibrator during sex, for those times where I want to last longer, as it usually takes around half an hour for me to orgasm with this toy. I don’t bother even trying to use this during a solo session any more as it simply doesn’t have the strength and after half an hour on my own, I’m bored and I’m tired, wanting to move on to something else. The only thing I really like about the Liv when it’s turned on is the minimal noise that it makes. It is discreet and quiet, just like me when I’m using it, it’s almost like the Liv has given up too.

Lelo Liv 2

Overall, I think it was worth the half sale price that I paid for it, but as Lelo have hiked up their prices yet again, I don’t think it’s worth the money anymore. I think there are much better options out there such as the We-Vibe Rave, Fun Factory Big Boss/Patchy Paul and the L’Amourose Prism V. If you’re wanting something for half the price, the OhMiBod Cuddle might be worth looking at.

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You can purchase the Lelo Liv 2 (£100) in Pink, Purple, Green or Blue from Simply Pleasure.

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