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I have been undecided about my thoughts and feelings regarding the Lelo Mia 2 for a while now. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just one of those toys that has nothing particularly wrong with it, but nothing spectacular about it either. In my opinion, its average. I may feel this way as I experienced the Tango first and it’s possible that I’d have enjoyed this much more if I hadn’t, or if I’d gotten it when I was completely new to toys. This just doesn’t live up to the rumbles that I’m used to, so I don’t use it much at all, but I don’t regret purchasing it, as I have a partner who does enjoy it.

The Mia 2 arrived in a shiny, black outer box with Lelo on the front and a picture of the toy on the back. It’s typical packaging for Lelo and I’m a sucker for it, I always feel that I’m getting the luxury product that I paid for. Removing the packaging, I found the Mia 2 resting within some black, velvet lining inside. Alongside the Mia 2 was the warranty card, user manual, a sachet of personal lubricant and a small satin storage pouch. It took a matter of minutes to register the one year warranty as it’s a really easy process. Simply go to their website, answer a couple of questions and enter the number from the warranty card, and that’s it.

After doing this, I decided to charge the Mia 2 fully. Again, this is really simple as all you have to do is remove the cap and plug the USB into your chosen port. It will flash whilst it’s charging and glow steadily when a charge is complete. It only takes around an hour, which gives about the same amount of playtime. It states an hour and a half of use, but I found it’s more likely to be an hour if you’re using it solely on the higher speeds.

Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2





I do find I go for silicone vibrators over rigid plastic 90% of the time, but the Mia 2 is of good quality and doesn’t feel tacky or breakable. It doesn’t have any visible seams or imperfections, which adds to the aesthetic and luxury feel of the product. It’s quite glossy and incredibly smooth, making it easy to hold, well until lubricant becomes involved. Rigid, glossy plastic and lubricant don’t mix well together as it becomes too slippery. I don’t find we need to use any with this toy anyway as it’s not been used internally.

The Mia 2 has two buttons (+ and -). Simply press and hold the + button to turn the toy on and hold to increase strength.  From the strongest intensity on the standard vibration setting, pressing and holding the + button will start the patterns. Tap + to cycle through the 5 available options. If you wish to get back to the standard vibration, then press the – button or press and hold it to turn the toy off. Pressing both buttons at the same time will activate or deactivate the handy travel lock.

When I use the Mia 2 against my clitoris, I find myself hitting the + button harshly and repeatedly, waiting for something more to happen. It just never does. I am somewhat of a power queen and the rumbles and intensity that I desire from a vibrator, are not present on the Mia 2. I thought that this would be a strong, powerful toy after having had great experiences with the Nea 2 and Mona 2, but sadly, it doesn’t live up to their standards and it’s earned itself a spot on the buzzy spectrum. It’s not even a strong buzzing either, which I’d have been happier with. I find the power on this toy be mediocre and nothing special. It doesn’t really do anything for me at all.

I’ve tried countless times to find a way to make the Mia 2 to work for me over the last few months, but I can’t force it to do something it’s just not strong enough to do. It doesn’t matter whether I use the highest intensity on the constant settings and experiment with the patterns, this toy just has nothing to offer me. I don’t find any of the options available on this toy to be impressive or particularly powerful.  The vibrations are surface level and slightly numbing, which for me, is definitely not a positive thing. I found it disappointing and I was more than happy to hand it over to my partner.

img_0574He doesn’t mind surface level or weaker vibrations, in fact he’d probably class this as powerful, as he doesn’t need much to get off. The Mia 2 has been a great aid in our bedroom if he’s taking a while to orgasm and wants a quicker release. He enjoys it being held against the tip of his penis and occasionally against his nipples. It provides him with that little bit of extra stimulation he needs to finish faster. Whenever I bring a vibrator into the bed, he seems to have stronger orgasms, just like I do, so for that reason I’m glad we have this. He can now use the Mia instead of my beloved Nea.

In conclusion, I am disappointed that I couldn’t get along with the Mia 2 and I’m saddened by the weak, buzzy vibrations it has to offer, but I’m pleased that it helps my partner get his rocks off faster, so it’s not an entirely wasted purchase. It has a few good points such as being quiet, rechargeable and waterproof, so I don’t think it’s an awful toy, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I could only see myself recommending the Mia 2 to those who don’t need much power to get off or don’t mind surface level sensations.

You can purchase the Lelo Mia 2 (£69.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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