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The Nea 2 was my first experience with Lelo and I wasn’t disappointed at all. As you’ll come to know by reading my blog, I’m a big fan of clitoral vibrators and stimulation. I am a tiny bit of a snob when it comes to toys for my clitoris as I like some luxury and I need it to have the strength of the worlds strongest man. I am a clitoral power queen and am always looking for another toy to add to my clit list. I knew I couldn’t resist this beautifully designed pebble, I just hoped it wouldn’t fail me in the power department.

I no longer have the outer box that this came in, but I do still have all the things that arrived with my Nea 2. The packaging was nice from what I remember, a soft black bag protecting the sturdy storage box, which had a viewing window and information about the toy on the back. Inside the box, rested my Nea 2 along with the USB charging cable, warranty card, small black satin storage pouch, user manual and a sachet of personal lubricant.

This toy arrived with no charge unfortunately, cue the anxious wait of 2 hours for it to charge fully before I could get my masturbate on. It’s simple to do, plug the USB into a charging port and the jack into the base of the Nea. The buttons flash to indicate the toy is charging.

Registering is a quick and easy process, click here, press register and then enter your information along with the warranty number on the card. This warranty lasts one year but they also have a 10 year guarantee, which is reassuring to those who are nervous about spending so much on sex toys.

I have the Nea 2 in ‘Obsidian Black’ and it’s a visually stunning toy. It’s a very glossy shade with a stunning golden butterfly on one side and some floral detailing on the other. Most toys that I owned before the Nea were block colours and pretty plain, so this was a nice and welcome change. It’s something I would happily leave out on my bedside table and it actually lives on my other half’s now, as he’s taken a liking to this. This toy is perfectly palm sized and lightweight.  It’s something that could be easily taken away on trips without taking up much room or gaining unwanted attention. This toy is made from ABS plastic and is rather rigid, so if you prefer silicone over plastic, opt for the Mimi or the Touch instead. Cleaning is easy as it is waterproof, but I cover the charging point with my finger just to be on the safe side. A quick spritz of toy cleaner, rinse and dry will have it as good as new ready for next time.

Lelo Nea 2

Starting the vibrations is very simple, just press and hold the right button for a couple of seconds. If you wish to increase the intensity, keep pressing that button and it gradually increases to a power queen worthy level. Decreasing intensity is operated by the left button and this button also brings the toy to a stop. There are various patterns too, which you find by pressing and holding down the right button.

There are quite a few to cycle through. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m generally a pattern hater, but surprisingly, I can get along with most of the patterns on the Nea 2. For once, I have found a vibrator that has more rumbly patterns than buzzy ones. None of these patterns are the stop and start kind that infuriate me so I’m very shocked to admit that the patterns on this toy are enjoyable.

I find the Nea 2 to be rather quiet, only really becoming noticeable on the last few patterns. The constant speeds are almost whisper quiet and I have no problems using this with other people in the house. The Nea 2 is quieter than the Tango, so has become a toy I reach for when I can’t get the house to myself. I have found rechargeables in general to be much quieter, but this is a particularly silent one. This is a toy I’d definitely recommend to those who are in need of some discretion.

At the moment this is on par with my beloved Tango, I reach for them both equally and regularly, they are two of my most used clitoral vibrators and combining either of them with a glass dildo is a sure-fire way to bring me to a fast orgasm.

IMG_1403I was immediately impressed with this toy as I scrolled through the functions as even the first is fairly rumbly. The highest speed is incredible and can bring me to orgasm in just under a minute. I like to use the medium speeds whilst giving my partner some attention so when he’s close to finishing, I can turn it up so we can orgasm together.

My partner is actually very fond of the Nea 2 and despite the ‘girly’ detailing, it’s a toy he requests to be used on him regularly. He’s not big into male toys, so when he likes to use one of mine, it’s a big deal. He particularly likes this to be held against his balls and moved in a circular motion whilst receiving oral sex or he’s masturbating, this brings him to orgasm much faster than normal, as it usually takes him a long time to cum. This toy has been a savour in the bedroom once I’m too tired to carry on!

It’s a very easy toy to get to know as there are only two buttons, but this is where the only fault also comes in. These buttons are quite stuff and require some pressure to get them to do what you’re asking them to do, if you have long nails like I do or get lost in the heat of the moment, it can be somewhat of a struggle to change patterns or increase/decrease the speed. I quite often have to look down at the toy to make sure I’m pressing the right thing too, this has the potential to be off-putting long-term.

You can purchase the Lelo Nea 2 (£86.99) from Lovehoney.

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  1. Viksta

    I love that it’s “rumbly” instead of “buzzy” as well. It really makes a difference.

    Thank you so much for letting us know about the Charlie Sheen issue, somehow I missed that. I’m going to look into it further now.


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