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Recently, I received an email from a lovely lady, who wanted to know if there were any lubricants, other than Sliquid, that I’d recommend. It then dawned on me that I don’t give many other brands a look in, so I decided to set myself a challenge of trying out several new lubricants. I noticed that Licx products are cruelty free, which is something I definitely encourage and support, so I contacted them and asked if they’d be willing to help me out with my search. They kindly agreed to send me their Deluxe Cream Lubricant and their Gel Lubricant, along with some Arousal Gels in exchange for an honest review. If you wish to just read the basic facts of this product, jump to the quick review.

Licx is a company that aim to create an approachable space for people to purchase their intimate essentials. They currently offer two lubricants, arousal gels for her and intimate wipes. Their site states that they are still growing their range and are open to suggestions and customer feedback. I like companies who genuinely listen to what people want and aim to provide the items customers are looking for. I am looking forward to seeing how their business grows and what they decide to do next. I’m hoping their next product will be a silicone lubricant, as I think this is something they could do well.

My package was despatched quickly and I received it a couple of days later, discreetly as promised. It arrived in a plain, padded envelope and there was no way of anybody knowing the contents. I think this is hugely important with sexual health products and I like to think this would encourage people who might feel uncomfortable about purchasing these intimate items in shops, to go ahead and buy them online, through a discreet service.

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube





As you can see from the above pictures, the outer packaging is a silvery-grey box with black detailing and the brand/product name on the front. The tube itself is simply, classically designed too, continuing with the same theme as the outer box. I like this rather minimalistic style, as it could be left out amongst other items and mistaken for a body lotion or something. I was pleased to find that this tube features a hygiene seal for added confidence that it hasn’t been opened/used. Strangely enough, I don’t see this much on lubricants, which unnerves me slightly.

I asked for the 100ml tubes in both lubricants, as I like to try them out in smaller sizes first to avoid ending up with a huge bottle of lubricant that I’m not keen on. Both lubricants are available in 5ml sachets, 100ml tubes and 250ml bottles.

This lubricant was designed with guys in mind, but it’s suitable for all. It’s safe to use with toys or for masturbation and intercourse. I personally enjoy thicker, creamier lubricants and having tried a couple, I was excited to see how this would compare. I have looked at trying a few others, but many seem to contain glycerin and parabens. This one, unfortunately does contain parabens, but on the upside there’s no glycerin. I think it’s really difficult to make a cream lubricant that won’t go off without parabens, so I understand the need for them in a product like this. I would prefer the lubricant to have none, but it’s not an absolute deal breaker for me.

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

As this is a tube, the lubricant is dispensed via squeezing. I usually find this can be quite wasteful and prefer a pump (which is available in the larger size), but due to the consistency, it’s fairly easy to get the desired amount of product. The Deluxe Cream lubricant comes out of the tube with a white, creamy appearance and a fairly thick, decent consistency. Once it’s rubbed in, it becomes clear and slick, almost stringy at times. I find it to be moisturising and think it lasts a good amount of time, but it may need topping up during a longer session. The scent reminds me of hand cream, which isn’t overwhelming or off-putting.

Overall, I liked this lubricant and it’s only real downfall was the fact it contains parabens. This lubricant may irritate some people or be an immediate no, purely for those ingredients. I think I’d be able to give this lubricant full marks, if there was a way to make it without the parabens. I wouldn’t say that it puts me off to the point where I wouldn’t use it again, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, even though I love the consistency, moisturising properties and the fact it’s cruelty free.

Quick Review

Product name? Licx Deluxe Cream Lubricant

Type? Water-based

How much product do I get? 100ml. Also available in 5ml sachets and 250ml bottles

How does it dispense? Squeeze tube. The 250ml bottles dispense via a pump

Does it contain parabens? Yes

Condom safe? Yes

Cruelty free? Yes

Price? £5.99 for 5 x 5ml sachets, £12.99 for 100ml and £24.99 for 250ml.

Ingredients? Aqua (water), Isopropyl myristate, Propylene glycol, Polyethylene oxide, Sodium polyacrylate, Sodium methylparaben, Trideceth-6, Sodium propylparaben, Hydrogenerated polydecene, Chlorhexidine digluconate.

You can purchase the Licx Deluxe Cream Lubricant (£12.99) from Licx.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

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