Lotus Flutter by Aria Review

When I first seen this toy, I was not sure that I was going to like it. I was in for a surprise. It provides the perfect amount of clitoral stimulation and the sensation and shape are amazing. The length of the Lotus Flutter was also great for G-spot stimulation. The shape of it can provide full stimulation in all 3 orgasm zones at once.

Lotus Flutter by Aria
Lotus Flutter by Aria

The material is pure silicone so you can only use natural lubrication, spit, or water-based lubricants. It has a hard-plastic base and it is battery operated, which are not included. It does have a 5-year warranty. It has dual vibration similar to your average rabbit toy. But the plus side was that it was waterproof.

It is 7.25 inches but only 4.25 can be inserted. It has a girth of under 2 inches. It comes in a bunch of fun colors. It provides external and internal vibrations in different patterns. It has a lotus shaped clitoral stimulator which provides a bunch of different types of sensations. It is also made from body safe silicone.

In Summary

The only thing that I was not happy with was the box as the base of the box can slide out from the bottom and the shipping is not that discreet.