Review: Lovehoney Complete Rabbit Care Kit (3 Piece)

When I discovered that I was being sent the Complete Rabbit Care Kit from Lovehoney to review, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that it contained three items and didn’t include a rabbit. You have to provide that yourself. The kit just gives you the things you need to look after it. The three items are all products that I’m familiar with; the Medium Storage Case, Fresh Toy and Body Wipes and a bottle of Delight Silk Lubricant.

Lovehoney Complete Rabbit Care KitI’ll start by talking about the case. I already own one and I think it’s great. It feels smooth to the touch and the soft leather is lovely. It’s not particularly obvious as to what it might house, so the only people who would recognise the heart embossed onto one side are those who also shop with Lovehoney and have no place to judge the possible contents. It comes with a lock too, which is really easy to add-on. Just place it through the zip and lock it into place. It’s not the sturdiest lock, but it does the job. It arrives set at three zeros, but you can change the combination if you want to.

The case is made up of two main compartments, a zipped pocket and an open side with a piece of elastic across the top to keep a vibrator safely secured. In the zipped side I can house the other two items that came with this kit as well as a pot of orgasm balm, a pair of satin restraints and a bullet vibrator two. I could probably get a glass dildo alongside the rabbit too – depending on the size of the floppy-eared friend I’m storing.

It really is surprising how much can fit into this case and I think it’s a fantastic way of safely storing sex toys and essentials. It saves space in the drawer for more toys, keeps gems hidden from prying eyes and makes travelling ridiculously convenient. It even has an antibacterial lining to keep everything safe and hygienic whilst inside. I reviewed the small size of this case a while ago, so you can read that for a further look at the ins-and-outs.

Next, the Fresh Toy and Body Wipes. I’ve gone through multiple packets of these over the past few months. I love them. I think they’re so convenient for occasions where there’s lint on the toy you want to use as it only takes a matter of seconds to remove it. I also think they’re convenient for wiping toys down after use before giving them a thorough clean later that day or the next morning. We all have those times where an orgasm wipes us out and the last thing we want to be doing is running to the bathroom to scrub fluid residue off a dildo.

I used to hate getting comfortable in bed just to remember I had a stash of used toys beside me that needed taking care of. Now I just keep a pack of these by the bed and give any used toys a quick once over after I’ve finished with them. I also use them on myself for immediate clean up after masturbation/sex and my partner has started to do the same. We often like to cuddle or fall asleep following a session so it’s nice to get rid of fluids first to avoid that sticky, awkward waddle to the bathroom.

We both have sensitive skin and have had no problems with these wipes or irritation from them. They are free from the ingredients we like to avoid such as Parabens and Glycerin and they’re even odourless and biodegradable. There’s nothing to dislike, I just wish the packs were a bit bigger as twenty-five wipes don’t last us very long. I need a bumper pack of fifty.

Last but not least, the Delight Lubricant. When Lovehoney said that this lubricant was extra silky, they weren’t kidding. I have tried many lubricants over the past few years, some cheap, some pricey and some in-between but I have to say that this is on par with the top-notch luxury brands that I’ve tries. Quality has not been scrimped on at all, which might surprise some people considering the price tag in comparison to brands like Sliquid.

This lube is free from Parabens and is vegan-friendly, but it does contain Propylene Glycol which can irritate some people. As I mentioned earlier, my partner and I have sensitive skin but we’ve had no issues with this product. We seem to get on well with Lovehoney’s lubricants in general though and have never had an issue with irritation. I would definitely recommend giving this one a go if sensitive skin and lube compatibility is a struggle for you.

It comes out thick and white, but goes clear once rubbed in. It has a fantastic consistency and the thickness is perfect for use with draggy silicone, larger rabbits and rotating shafts. I have previously encountered quite a bit of friction when the shaft of a silicone rabbit rotates, but this lube is thick enough to remove any of that. It leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft following use and avoids that sticky, gloopy mess that I associate with brands like Durex.

In conclusion, I think this is a wonderful combination of essentials. A sturdy case to keep any rabbit safe from getting lost down the hole of my ever-growing toy collection, a pack of wipes designed for cleanliness and convenience and a high-quality, silky lubricant to top it all off. There’s nothing that I really dislike about this kit. I don’t think it has to be limited to rabbits though. I don’t know if it’s marketed that way because Easter is approaching, but I think it would work for most vibrators outside of mains-powered wands.

I received the Lovehoney Complete Rabbit Care Kit 3 Piece (£25.00) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! This does not affect the content of my feedback in anyway. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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