Review: Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based LubricantI had tried the original version of the Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant when I first discovered Lovehoney and back then I had no idea that there was such a thing as a bad lubricant, so I thought it was amazing (especially compared to the Durex Lubricants I’d previously tried). It turns out, I was very wrong and there is indeed such a thing as a terrible lubricant. I now realise that the original Enjoy Lubricant fit into this category. I remember giving it a high-score back then, but now I’ve done my lube research, I’d give it a one out of five, if that. I was pleased to see it being discontinued and replaced with an upgraded version. Read on to find out more or jump to the quick review to find out the facts.

Before I talk about what makes the new version better, I think it makes sense to explain why the original sucked. First of all, it had an extremely chemical scent, which was somewhat off-putting at the time, but I just assumed that’s how lubricant smelled. I would now never put something with a scent like that anywhere near my body, especially on my intimate areas. Secondly, I remember thinking that it wasn’t too thick or sticky (again, I thought this was a good thing), but this lubricant was pretty much just water. It had no consistency or substance at all, it constantly leaked everywhere and was just generally messy. I now prefer thicker water-based lubricants, or at the very least, something that doesn’t run down my arm before I’ve had chance to apply it.

From the second the new version arrived, I was impressed with the noticeable changes. For a start, the method of dispensing had changed from a flip top to a pump nozzle, which I find so much more convenient. A pump ensures you get the perfect amount of product every time and avoids waste/spillages. Another change to the Enjoy’s appearance was the labelling. It’s now aesthetically pleasing and calming, just simplistic blue detailing and product information. To me, the blue signifies water, which makes it easy to find as I rummage through the essentials drawer. I’m not sure that this was intended, but I liked it.

I like to carry out a patch test before applying a new lubricant to my intimate areas due to sensitive skin and past reactions, so I applied a small amount of lubricant to my skin and left it for a while. I’m pleased to report that I had no reaction whatsoever. The new Enjoy didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy like the original version had and I noticed immediately how great the difference was in terms of consistency. This lubricant is much thicker than the original and this is without a doubt a good thing, it’s not so thick that it becomes tacky or clumpy, but it’s not so thin that it runs all over the place like the previous version. It’s obviously not as long-lasting as a silicone lubricant would be, but for a water-based product, it lasts a decent amount of time.

In use, this is excellent with silicone toys in particular, as it removes any harsh glide, making a session more enjoyable. I found it worked best with firm toys such as the Godemiche Adam. It’s also fantastic for penetrative vaginal sex, although it can also be used for anal sex. It’s not thick enough for me to use anally and feel comfortable, as I need something slightly thicker, but it may be fine for others to use this way.

Overall, the new Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant is a huge improvement on the original. I really like and respect that Lovehoney took the feedback from the original’s reviews and changed the negatives that kept being mentioned and made the product better. This version is everything that the original should have been. We do like this lubricant and although we still prefer Sliquid, we would definitely use it again.

Quick Review

Product name? Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

How much product do I get? 100ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? No

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? Yes

Vegan friendly? Yes

Price? £5.99

Ingredients? Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide

You can purchase the Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant (£5.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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