Review: Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler

This was one of the first ever items I bought from Lovehoney. We had never experimented with bondage before so decided to buy this, some metal handcuffs and a pair of velcro wrist cuffs. We thought this would be a great place to start as it’s non-intimidating and something we could use on each other without any risks. A feather tickler is the safest bit of bondage equipment anybody could have in their toybox and it’s an essential in ours. I have been meaning to purchase a slightly longer tickler as this one is short and sweet, but you have to be up close and personal to benefit from it. Plus it’s not quite long enough to use as a pretend feather duster when I’m wearing a maid outfit.

IMG_0653It arrived inside a lovely, black organza storage pouch. It kept the tickler from being damaged, squashed, torn apart or dirtied up during travel. It’s always a pleasure to receive storage bags with toys, it saves me from having to buy them. I still use it to store the tickler in to prevent it from being squashed by all the paddles and floggers. It had a small information leaflet attached giving examples of ways to use the tickler and what the purpose of the product is. It’s really easy to store as this is quite a petite, beginners bondage tool.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, it is really cheap so I thought we may get one or two uses out of it, then if we like it, we’d buy something a little more expensive. We still haven’t actually needed to replace it, because the quality is great. It doesn’t feel cheap, the feathers are all fluffy and soft, it’s not one of those cheap itchy feather items you’d come across in the pound shop. The handle is made from plastic and this does look slightly cheap, but it’s sturdy and fit for purpose. It doesn’t shed ridiculously either, most cheap feather items fall to bits the second you move them, but this one has stayed strong and fluffy for almost a year. Even with a gentle tug, none of the feathers seem to come loose or come apart from each other. What this means is, if any liquids happen to come into contact with it such as massage oil or lubricant, you can carefully wash it and it will stay nice and fluffy ready for its next outing.

I love that ticklers are versatile and can be used in a few different ways. I’ll start with the non sexual purposes, the handle makes a great back scratcher when I can’t reach a spot myself and the feathers can be very relaxing when gentle run up and down the spine at night. I love having people run their fingers over my back slowly and this tickler can almost mimic that sensation. It can also be used to awaken every nerve ending you can think of and make the blood come to the surface, heightening all further sensations. I love it around the nipples, inner thighs and neck. It’s a very subtle way of turning somebody on and a tickler is often included in more intimate, sensual sexual encounters as part of the exploration and connecting process.

IMG_0656Overall, I think I got more than my moneys worth with this. It might just look like a cheap, basic tickler and that’s what I thought I was getting, but it turned out to be a sturdy, soft, well-made product that has lasted a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate on getting another one or recommending it to anybody. I think even the more advanced bondage players could enjoy the gentle sensations of a feather tickler. Everybody should have one of these little delights in their kit. We love ours. It’s the perfect introduction to bondage.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler (£4.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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