Review: Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Magic Wand

Just before Christmas, I received an email offer to get the Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Magic Wand for free, if I spent £40. How could I refuse such a generous offer?

My partner and I had discussed getting a mains powered wand but thinking it wouldn’t get much use, we ordered three smaller ones instead. Two have since been retired, but you can read the remaining ones review here as it’s a smaller, cheaper option of the full size wand I’m talking about today. We were right about it not getting much use, but that’s not because of the toy itself. I still live at home and this is too noisy and obvious to use when others are home. This is a toy my partner and I can only use when we have the house to ourselves. It was certainly worth taking up the offer though, I still wasn’t sure when I pressed the checkout button, but I don’t have any regrets.








It arrived quickly and discreetly as expected, although I don’t know how this monster even fit in the same box as all the other goodies I’d ordered. It was slightly larger than I had anticipated, maybe the smaller ones made it look bigger, who knows? It was packaged inside the regular Lovehoney packaging featuring a picture on the front and key features on the side. The box was wrapped in a plastic packet for further protection. Inside this box was my new playmate within some plastic casing and the small information guide that comes will all Lovehoney own branded products.

With the toy delivered and my partner en route, I removed the wand from the casing to admire it and examine the quality as I always do. This toy has some weight to it, which did admittedly concern me at first as I don’t have very strong arms, but this is mostly used on me by my other half so I don’t really have to worry about that anymore. If you have wrist or arm problems, I’d suggest the smaller USB wand as it’s much lighter. My opinion is that the toy is sturdy and durable whilst being sleek and classic in appearance. Although I don’t understand why the ridges in the head exist, there doesn’t seem to be a purpose other than collecting lint and fluids. As the toy isn’t waterproof, the ridges are a pain to clean. I think the wand would look much better without them.

It operates just as the smaller USB version does, via a simple scroll. Scroll downwards to turn on and increase speed and power, scroll upwards to lower intensity and turn off. The head of the wand needs a good coating of water-based lubricant before play or the drag from the silicone can cause some discomfort.

What I wanted from the Mains Powered Classic Wand was power. It needed to be stronger than the USB version. When I say stronger, I mean hulk strength. I wanted both power and rumbles. For a first mains powered toy, I had high expectations that it would come through for me. Sadly, I found the lower settings to be disappointing, they are tickle-like and I can barely feel them. I was expecting even the lowest settings to have some force or neediness behind them, but this wasn’t the case.

However, all was forgotten once I turned the wheel and increased the power. I hadn’t felt vibrations like it before and they made me question why I had doubts about the wand in the first place. I am surely and slowly becoming something of a power queen and the full speed works for me. The vibrations travel through the silicone head well, although dull a little bit when pressure is applied. The vibrations are rumbly around the medium settings, but get buzzier as the speed increases. Buzzy doesn’t usually do it for me, but this somehow manages to be strong at the same time.

As this is a Mains Powered Wand I was expecting a great deal of noise. I had been informed that it was a rather noisy massager, but in my opinion, it’s only really loud when it’s being used on the high speeds. Low to medium is pretty quiet considering the power, but I still can’t recommend using it in the house with others home, as it is definitely obvious there’s a vibrator in use. This toy is not discretion friendly.









Once my partner had arrived, I showed him our latest toys and he reached for this one first. He seemed impressed and keen to try it out, so a play session ensued. He used the wand over my clothes at first, which was teasing rather than pleasing. I opted for skin to silicone contact and a few moments later, the first orgasm was had. Whilst, this creates fast clitoral orgasms, it also creates numbness. I could feel a tingling sensation for at least five minutes after use. Later on that night, once the tingling had gone, I opted for a slightly different method. Combine this numbing clitoral beast with a cool glass dildo. I took control of the wand and let my partner find my G-Spot with the dildo. This was pretty sensational and I preferred this to just the clitoral orgasm. Blended orgasms from this toy are, for me, better than one specific sort of orgasm. I don’t focus on the numb clit whilst my G-Spot is grabbing all the attention and by the time I’m back to reality, the tingling has gone.

The wand is suitable for use on him too, he likes it to be placed against his balls as it drives him crazy. He begins wiggling like he’s being attached by the tickle monster. Toys aren’t really his thing, specifically male toys, but this was the first toy he ever tried and liked. It opened up his eyes and his mind to some possible future experimentation. He’s since asked about male attachments, so I may buy him one at some point.

Not only is it good for orgasms, it’s also fantastic for massages. It helps to get all those irritating areas that hands just can’t reach or get deep enough into. It helps to soothe any aches and pains, gliding across the sore spots perfectly with a drop or two of massage oil.


Overall, I’m pleased I placed the order and got this wand free. I’m looking forward to trying out some attachments in the future, but it probably won’t be with this wand. My Partner will probably take ownership of this one as I’m now zoning in on a Doxy Die Cast as I think the power is going to be much better for me. He doesn’t need any more strength, he’s perfectly content and possibly overwhelmed with this one. He’s always assumed vibrators were just for the ladies, but this changed, and blew his mind.

There are a couple of things that I’d love to see corrected, the first one being, a longer cable. We have plugs right next to the bed so it can reach us, but if we’re lying at the opposite end of the bed it can be a bit of a stretch. The other thing I’d like to see sorted is the temperature. It gets hot very quickly, which  results in only using it in short bursts.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Magic Wand for £49.99.

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