Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser Review

I have always found Kegel balls a fascinating thing. I believe it was around 19 when I came across my first set, and it’s been a love interest ever sense. Today, I will be going over one of my latest finds, the Miss on the Go, and app-controlled toy at that!

Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser
Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser

You read that correctly, you don’t simply insert and go, leaving your body movements to be the control. Usually, the way you move is the only way to control how the Kegel balls feel, from walking, shaking your legs, sitting, to simply squeezing when no one is looking.

However, with this set, the best part might just be that their controlled by an app on my phone. This allows me to change settings in public without anyone knowing – Hell, I’m always on my phone anyway!

It’s made from medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic, waterproof, and rechargeable too. This means you are safe to wear them in the shower, bath, pool, just be sure they don’t fall out and get lost.

If you have never used Kegel balls before, I recommend you practice keeping them in before wearing them out in public, or in deep water.