Review: Miss On The Go Kegel Exerciser

Miss On The GoUnderstanding a companies ethics, morals and back story can play a huge part in understanding the products that they make, so before I tried the Miss On The Go, I had some great conversations with its creator, the lovely Miss VV. Her dedication to this product astounded me and after trying it, I believe all of her hard work has paid off. It took her almost three years to achieve it, as she aimed for high-quality and didn’t want to release a substandard product, which I applaud. You can tell just from speaking to her that she is truly passionate about her product and the industry, which just shows how much love, research, time and effort has been put into making the Miss On The Go what it is today.

I think the most important thing that I have taken from my conversations with her, was her message. Confidence IS sexy. It’s not all about the way that you look, it’s about your attitude. Don’t let other people control your decisions. It’s up to you and you should trust yourself to make those choices. Trust your instincts, but don’t be afraid to try new things, or explore your body. Be respectful in your manner, but don’t tolerate those things that go against your values. Ultimately, just be you and allow yourself to have a happy, healthy sex life.

Moving onto the product itself – I really liked the classy packaging. It arrived in a small tube, that’s stylish in appearance and made from eco-friendly materials. It comes with two sets of instructions, one set in English and another in French. It also comes with the necessary charging cable and a small storage pouch to keep it in. It needs to be charged completely for three hours before use, but this gives around 2.5 hours of use on full speed, which is a great charge to play time ratio. It will flash every two seconds to indicate the charge is taking place, which turns to a steady glow once complete.

It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is of course free from latex and phthalates. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-toxic and odourless. Silicone is completely body-safe, but it does have some drag to it that other materials don’t have. It’s not so bad in this case, but I would advise using some water-based lubricant to remove the minor amount of friction it has and aid insertion. It attracts an unobjectionable amount of lint, as most silicone products do, but this can be removed easily with a quick rinse. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter, so rinsing is not an issue and is recommended for cleaning. The instructions also recommend using antibacterial cleaner.

I decided to try the Miss On The Go out manually first, just to get a feel for the shape, size and vibrations that it has to offer. I noticed then that there wasn’t any flex to the material whatsoever, which is not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to have a slight squish in the tip for extra comfortable long-term wear. I would have also liked there to be a bit of extra room between the two balls, as I usually insert one at a time as I find this easier, but with this product, I have to do both at more or less the same time. Again, I’m not going to avoid this exerciser because of those things, but they are minor preferences of mine and would be preferred.

Miss On The GoTo turn on, simply press the power button for three seconds. The light will then flash every five seconds until the product is turned off. Press again to cycle through the modes, of which there are five. Three constant speeds and two patterns. If you’re using it without the app, find the setting you want prior to inserting it, as you won’t be able to access the button once it’s in position. If you’re using it with the app, then you can control the vibration modes from there, or turn them off if you wish. I have found its most comfortable to insert in a standing position and removed when squatting.

The Miss On The Go weighs 65g, which I’d define as standard for these types of products. I think it’s within the weight range that many people exploring Kegel exercisers for the first time try out. My first pair was just below this at 59g, so I’m quite comfortable with similar weights now. I can use more advanced pairs, but with added stimulation from vibrations and numerous uses to investigate, this weight suited me well. It would be great to see an advanced version over 100g in the future though. I’d quite like the challenge of that.

I love that this product doesn’t have a set-time frame for each use, as similar products that I’ve tried in the past have requested a specific amount of time each day. I like being able to go at my own pace, use it when I want to and for however long I want to. Consistency is a key part of working out your PC muscles, but the amount of time done for is dependent on the person doing so. I would advise just listening to your body, as you would with any other toy, and go from there. I personally like around 20-30 minutes in the morning whilst I move around and get ready for my day, but occasionally I’ll go for longer or shorter periods, depending on my mood and schedule. It’s important that kegels don’t become a chore – or something you want to put off. The Miss On The Go should be fun to use as-well as being beneficial to your health and sex life.

In regards to the app, I simply downloaded it and was asked to set up a profile. This consists of username, password, gender, age and email address. It gives you a set profile photo – so everybody has the same, the only differences are gender-based. Men are given the image of a shirt and tie, whilst the ladies have a heeled photo. I would love these to be less stereotypical representations of gender and I’d also love an option for non-binary people to have profiles. It would be great to see the app be more inclusive in the future to those who aren’t feminine women or masculine men.

Miss On The GoConnecting Miss On The Go to the App is simple. Just power the product on, turn the bluetooth on your phone and it should find it and connect. You then enter a code which is listed within the instruction booklet and you’re good to go. There are three options to explore on the App: My Own Pleasure, Strong is the New Sexy and Let the Game Begin. The first two can be used solo, one for exploring the vibrations and the other for strengthening your PC muscles. The final option can be used with a partner by searching for the person you’re looking for and inviting them to join you. If they accept, then you can both exchange pictures and texts.

In conclusion, I think the app has been well-designed. It is definitely one of the better apps that I’ve used, although I would make a couple of changes as mentioned above. I’d definitely like it to be more inclusive in regards to the profiles and photos, but the functionality to remain the same. I had no problems getting it to work or trying to connect the product to it, unlike previous app-controlled vibrators that I’ve used. It’s easy to understand, fun to use and has added a splash of interest to my daily pelvic floor routine. As for the balls themselves, I encountered very few things that troubled me. I personally would have given them a small amount of squish for comfort reasons and perhaps more room between them, but apart from that, I am quite satisfied with them.

I received the Miss On The Go ($169/£136.98) from MissVV’sMystery in exchange for my review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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