Review: Motörhead Bomber Black and Gold Glass Massager 

Motorhead Bomber Glass DildoWhen I put myself forward for this toy, I had little information to go on. All that I knew was that it was made from glass and was black and gold. When I found out that it was the latest addition to the Motörhead range, I had to do a double take. I’m a big fan of this band and their already existing products, so I was stoked for the Bomber to arrive.

I’m a sucker for lovely packaging and I think this product definitely has that. The black box features gold embossed branding and the bands signature warpig on the side. It took me a while to realise that the front part of the box actually opens up to reveal the toy behind a window of plastic. It’s similar to the Icicles packaging, but much better. Inside, the toy is protected in a foam tray along with the stand and matching storage pouch.

Motorhead Bomber Glass DildoThe Bomber is made from sturdy borosilicate glass and feels of a high quality. I have encountered one or two cheap feeling glass dildos in time, but this is not one of them. It seems to have been crafted to perfection, leading me to find no flaws in the build quality. I liked that even the stand is up to the same standards, being made from a luxuriously soft black silicone and featuring gold Ace of Spades artwork. Both materials can be used in water, so they’re easy to clean, which is fantastic as lint seems to be attracted to darker toys. There is unfortunately no way to stop pesky fingerprints appearing on the black glass though.

I really like glass toys for two main reasons, the first being that any lubricant can be used with them, without interfering with the quality of the material. I like to use a slick silicone lubricant like Sliquid Silver with glass because I think the glide is much better, but it’s always nice to have options. The second reason would be temperature play, which is something that my partner and I simply adore. Glass can be warmed up in a bowl of warm water, cooled down in a bowl of cold water and even placed in the fridge for a few minutes before use for extra sensation.

Motorhead Bomber Glass DildoIt’s a very lovely sized toy as it’s not huge, but it’s not too small either, the dimensions are perfect. It has an overall length of seven inches, but an average sized insertable length of five. This is perfect for vaginal use as it shouldn’t hit against the cervix. It has not yet managed to hit mine, as I tend to need more than seven insertable inches for that to happen. It has an average girth too, which according to my measurements is just below five inches (4.75) at the widest point of the shaft. This is non-intimidating and should be manageable for those who have some experience with insertable toys and/or penetration.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of stimulation as the Bomber is quite straight apart from the bulbous wave that the shaft features. It doesn’t have a curve, so I wasn’t necessarily thinking along the lines of g-spot stimulation, but it turned out to be how the toy excelled for me. I was thrusting with it when I noticed that it had sort of rested against my g-spot just a few minutes in, so I decided to make an active attempt to stimulate it. I didn’t find the thrusting motion I had been doing to be successful, although it was enjoyable, so I decided to try something else. I moved onto doing a gentle rocking back and forth motion, which was much better at hitting the right places.

Motorhead Bomber Glass Dildo

After several moments of doing this action, I began to feel that similar sensation of building pressure or needing the bathroom, as some might describe it. This feeling was shortly followed by some squirting, which was definitely not the outcome that I had envisioned. I am not a huge squirter, like it’s not something I do on a very regular basis, but glass and metals seem to be the best materials to make it happen. I can do it reliably with a select few toys, whilst others are hit and miss, but now I’ve mastered the technique with the Bomber, I can see this dildo being one of the reliable toys for go-to squirting.

Whilst it was initially thought that this toy was going to be anal safe, it turns out that the base just isn’t flared enough. It’s not recommended to use this dildo as an anal toy because of this. I did found a way around this to relieve those worries, but I can find other toys to do the same job in a safer way. If I kept the silicone stand onto the thin end and use it as a handle, then I could make it work, but based on the facts, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Motorhead Bomber Glass Dildo

Overall, I love glass and I love Motörhead, so this toy was like a dream come true for me. It’s not something that I ever thought I needed, but apparently, it was and it is. It feels wonderful in use and I was very surprised by the way that it worked for my body. I only encountered one concern, which was the lack of flared base as mentioned above, but this won’t be an issue for me as I now only use it vaginally. The packaging and the quality was fantastic, the inclusion of a storage bag was very much appreciated and the use of a stand was different, but also a nice touch. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of glass, Motörhead or both!

 I received the Motörhead Bomber Black and Gold Glass Massager (£39.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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