Review: Fontaine De Jouvence ‘Clitorizer’

I was interested in suction style toys for a while, but I didn’t really want to fork out on a Womanizer if I wasn’t sure about the sensation, so when the Fontaine De Jouvence (Clitorizer) appeared at Lovehoney, I decided to try it out and see what the fuss was all about.

It arrived quickly and discreetly as per all Lovehoney orders and the packaging for the Clitorizer itself was classy and sleek. A cardboard sleeve featuring a picture of the toy on the front and its key points on the back covered the plain black storage box it was housed in. Alongside the Clitorizer there was a charging cable, user manual and a branded storage pouch.

Femme Fatale Clitorizer

Femme Fatale ClitorizerFemme Fatale ClitorizerFemme Fatale Clitorizer





It is made from a high-grade silicone which is free from latex and phthalates, is non-toxic and non porous, as-well as being hypoallergenic, odourless and completely body-safe. The seamless silicone is smooth to the touch and has little drag to it, although a small amount of water-based lubricant around the head is recommended for comfort purposes. It is splashproof, but not fully waterproof so it cannot be submerged and must be used carefully around water. I tend to use antibacterial toy wipes or cleaner on this and then leave it to dry as I don’t really trust the term splashproof.

It arrived with no charge, so I placed the USB into my chosen charging port and the jack into the charging point on the toy (which is located just below the control panel) where it began to flash red. It then turned into a steady glow once the one hour charge time was complete. This toy has a fantastic run time as it can operate for up to six hours on a single charge, which is longer than most of my high-end vibrators, let alone other suction toys. I have only needed to recharge this three times in four or five months as I don’t need to use it for long to reach my desired outcome and the charge holds really well between uses.

I chose the grey and black colour scheme, as I’ve had enough of pink toys and that was the other option. I’ve since discovered there is a hotter pink and a purple version available if those colours appeal to you more than this one does. I personally think this looks mature and sleek, but each to their own. I greatly prefer this design to those leopard-printed, crystal button designs of the Womanizer although I don’t think it beats the rose gold finish of my beloved Satisfyer Pro 2.

Femme Fatale ClitorizerI really like the shape of the Clitorizer as it find it more comfortable to hold than something like the W500, but my one complaint is that the control panel is located where I’d usually place my hand around the toy to grip. I sometimes find myself accidentally switching between the settings or turning it off because of the placement, so I think it might have been better placed slightly lower down or even on the front.

The control panel is easy to use and understand as it only has two buttons, a power button and a plus. The power button turns on with the lightest of presses and the plus button cycles you through the settings. There are ten options to choose from which are followed by a standby setting. You need to press the power button on and off again to reactivate the toy. One thing that I dislike is that there’s no minus button so you can’t go back to the previous setting if you accidentally go too intense, instead you have to cycle through them all again, which can be off-putting or even a mood-killer.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned the toy on, as suction was a completely new experience back then, but once it began I immediately knew that this type of stimulation was right for me. I don’t think it’s going to be everybody’s thing, as it can feel quite intense, especially on a toy like this where the nozzle is small and the stimulation is quite specific and pin-pointed. It doesn’t have removable or different sized heads like the Womanizer, so I wouldn’t recommend this to you if direct stimulation is something you find uncomfortable or painful. If you have a larger or extremely sensitive clitoris then I’d consider a Womanizer with the XL heads instead of this or the Satisfyer Pro 2.

As you might know by now I’m something of a power queen, so I tend to use this toy on settings 5 through to 10 as these are the most intense. It creates a similar suction and cold air sensation as the Satisfyer, although it’s slightly less powerful in my opinion. In my experience, the cold air feeling intensifies with the suction, which makes me feel more sensitive just as the strength of the suction increases which generally results in a ridiculously fast orgasm. If I’m using this on nine or ten I can climax within a minute or two, if I’m using it on five or six, then it probably still takes less than five minutes. It’s a suction equivalent to the We-Vibe Touch in my opinion. It’s strong and fiery, but doesn’t feel as aggressive as its plastic counterpart (the Satisfyer).

In terms of noise, I find this does quite get loud especially as the intensity increases and I don’t feel comfortable using it with others in the house. It does get quieter upon contact with the clitoris, but not enough so that it’s discreet. If you have thin walls, house share, or have children/parents living with you, then background noise would definitely be needed in order to use this toy. It isn’t mains-powered wand loud, but it’s loud enough on full power that it scares my usually not scared of anything cat, so it’s not ideal for people who rely on quiet sex toys.

It appears that this product has been discontinued at most retailers but I will update with links if/when I find them. It retailed for around £80.

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