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I was pretty impressed with the presentation of the two Nomi Tang products I received. The boxes are classy and simple, which is exactly how I like it. There’s a glossy outer box featuring product photos and branding and a sturdy storage box inside housing the vibrator. Alongside the Wild Rabbit there was a small instruction manual and charging cable. This vibrator does not come with a storage pouch, but it can be stored in the gift box, so I’ll excuse it.

Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit

Nomi Tang Wild RabbitNomi Tang Wild RabbitNomi Tang Wild Rabbit





Being made from FDA grade silicone, this toy is completely free from phthalates and latex. It’s odourless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic too. If body safety is as high up on your radar as it is on mine, you’ll be pleased to know that this passes all the tests. The particular silicone that Nomi Tang use is of the smooth, matte variety but is slightly rougher than some of the others on the market. I mean this in the sense that it has a fair amount of drag upon the surface. I don’t think it’s hugely indifferent from the feel of Fun Factory’s silicone, which I love, and I wouldn’t consider it to be a bad thing at all. Just be prepared and keep a bottle of water-based lubricant on hand to lather both arms.

After each use, the Wild Rabbit can be rinsed with toy cleaner or soap and water. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter and I’ve had no issues when rinsing it or using it in the shower thus far. I haven’t taken it into the bath as I don’t tend to use toys there, so I can’t vouch for that. In terms of lint, this attracts about as much as I expected. It’s pretty typical for silicone, so make sure to rinse before each use. It’s not fun to press cat hair and fluff up against your crotch. It needs to be left to dry fully or be dried with a damp cloth before being turned on though.

Nomi Tang Wild RabbitMine did not come with any charge so I placed it on for a full revamp before use. To do so, simply place the jackpin into the port on the base and the USB into a suitable spot. You must ensure that the jack is pushed inside fully or the charging will not commence. It was a bit stiff the first few times, as was also the case with the pin of the Better Than Chocolate 2, but it has eased up over time. You’ll know that it’s in properly once you see the red light flashing on the front of the vibrator. It turns blue once it has finished. A full charge takes about two hours and this can provide up to fifty minutes of use depending on the settings used.

To turn the Wild Rabbit on, press the power button for a couple of seconds. You can tap it further to cycle through the ten vibration patterns and press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off. If you wish to activate or deactivate the travel lock press the power button until the blue light flashes twice. Then there’s the innovative touch slider that is used to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. You just slide your finger up or down it depending on the intensity that you want. I really like this feature as I think it’s pretty unique and cool. I haven’t seen this on any other vibrators bar the other that I recently reviewed for Nomi Tang and I have a whole bunch of them, so that’s rare. Props to this brand for doing something different.

The are three motors in this vibrator. One in the clit arm, one in the head of the shaft and one in the body. The placements of these motors ensures that the vibrations travel well throughout the usable areas of the toy. These can be used independently with certain functions which creates a whole manner of possible sensations and scenarios to choose from. I actually like some of the vibration patterns because of the multiple motors, which is a surprise to me. I generally don’t like patterns, but there is a couple I do like on the Wild Rabbit. One is just a selection of high-powered surges and the other is an alternation between the shafts motors and the clitoral arms motor. I still prefer the first setting, constant vibration, but it’s nice to have other options for a change.

Nomi Tang Wild RabbitI was expecting mid-range power from this vibrator after my experiences with the Better Than Chocolate 2, but I was in for a welcomed surprise. When turned up to full intensity, the Wild Rabbit is a pretty powerful toy. I’m a complete power queen, so if I can get off on these vibrations, it gives me a lot of hope that others will be able to too.

The constant vibration setting even has some depth to it, meaning that the vibrations are low-level rumbly. I’m a sucker for a good rumble so I absolutely love that this rabbit has achieved that. I don’t know many rabbit vibrators that provide anything better than a strong buzz, so this jumps up the list from average to one of the best I’ve tried.

It would be a shame for the power to be so right and the shape to be so wrong, but thankfully the sex gods decided to merge greatness together to make the Wild Rabbit. It has just over four and a half inches of insertable length and just under five inches of girth at the widest point which is totally manageable for me. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who doesn’t have much sex toy experience due to the girth, but then again I wouldn’t recommend a rabbit to anyone new to vibrators. It has a sleek, streamlined clitoral arm that’s super flexible and it fits great with my body. I often encounter issues with rabbits are my opening and clitoris are close together, but the shape, flexibility and dimensions allow this rabbit to work well for me. It covers my clitoris affectively and I can feel and appreciate the vibrations as a result.

Nomi Tang Wild RabbitThe bulbous head and curve to the internal arm are glorious for g-spot stimulation. The shaft is firm enough that I can get the amount of pressure that I require without hurting myself or my cervix or needing excessive lube. The head just seems to bump and grind against my spot without much effort on my part and it can stimulate me into a satisfactory orgasm pretty easily when both motors are whirling. Combine this with the clitoral stimulation mentioned above and I’m left panting and rolling my eyes for a while after use.

Overall, I am struggling to come up with complaints. I usually have one or two, at the least, things to say about rabbits but there’s nothing particularly wrong with this one. Some might find the finger loop irritating, but I find it comfortable to hold and can see it being useful for those with grip problems. It’s luxurious to touch and use, body-safe, waterproof and not excessively loud. It’s a great fit with my anatomy and has a level of power I deem strong enough, which is truly the best of both worlds. I used to think it was too much to ask for when trying out rabbits, but Nomi Tang’s Wild Rabbit has proven to me that both power and shape can be done. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to get to this point, but I feel like I may even like this more than my beloved Happy Rabbit.

I received the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit ($99.90/£77.56) from Nomi Tang in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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