Review: O-Wand Attachments

You may remember me reviewing the O-Wand before Christmas and raving about how much I loved it, so when I discovered they had sent me three attachments to use alongside it, I was pumped. I have never actually used attachments before on anything (other than the attachment that originally came with the O-Wand) so I was excited to see if they would make the experience even better. Having now used all three, I have to say that they can definitely improve the sensations, but sometimes, I prefer the raw rumbles of the head without them.

All three attachments have been made from a gloriously luxurious silicone, which is platinum-grade and of course, body safe. It is free from things such as latex and phthalates, as-well as being non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The material feels silky to the touch and has less drag than I expected. The original attachment had much more drag than these three, so I don’t need to use as much lubricant with them. I still use some though and I stick to water-based to avoid any degradation of the material. All three seem to love lint, as most silicone products do, but thankfully they are all waterproof so any stray lint can be removed before use. After use, they can be rinsed again and soaked with soap for a good old-fashioned clean.

The O-La-La

O-Wand Attachment

In our house, this one has been renamed the Dalek. I don’t know if it was because we were watching Doctor Who when it got its first outing or because of its appearance, but the name stuck. I quite like it. I also like the stimulation that this handy little tool provides.

I decided to try out the ‘stub’ or ‘sticky-out’ part first, as it kind of reminded me of toys such as the Satisfyer, which made me think of direct clitoral stimulation. I know that there are lots of people out there who love the power of a toy like this, but can’t get off with broad stimulation, so an attachment like this is a miracle worker. It pretty much does exactly what I’d pictured it doing, which is that pinpointed stimulation that reaches every single nerve ending in the clitoris. I personally love really precise vibrations, so this part of the attachment was highly enjoyable for me.

O-Wand Attachment

The other side of the attachment is made up of a spiral of nodules and the top features a spiral of ridges. I didn’t find either of these things to work as a clitoral stimulator, but they did come in very handy for something else. It seems that these textures are ideal for body massage. I like to use the ridged spiral to relax the area that I’m about to massage and then switch to the nodules to get into the deep tissue and remove any aches and pains.

The O-Spot

O-Wand Attachment

This one was intriguing to me. I’ve always wanted to try an internal attachment and I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite make the grade for g-spot stimulation. I am a person who requires firm, intense pressure to that spot to get off and the arm of this attachment is just too flexible and soft for my taste. This might not be the case for everybody, but for me, I just couldn’t get it to work.

The O-Gasm

O-Wand Attachment

I wasn’t sure how this one was going to go down. My partner is picky about the toys that he will and won’t use on himself, especially when they are labelled as “toys for men” but when he saw this, he was more than happy to give it a chance. We have looked at ‘hummer’ type attachments before but have never purchased one as they all seem to be made from jelly, which is a material we completely avoid in our bedroom.

When he saw that this one was made from silicone, he was excited. He didn’t have to worry about it being unsafe or anything like that. It was more flexible and squishy than either of us thought it would be, but this actually made it friendly and non-intimidating to him. He particularly liked that it was a little squishy and stretchy as this allowed him to get the attachment into position on his penis comfortably.

O-Wand AttachmentHe said that the sensations felt more focused to his glans and corona when using the attachment, which is something that he really likes. I have found that these are the key areas of stimulation for him where any extra pressure or focus can induce an orgasm pretty quickly.

As he got on so well with this, we have actually ordered him a “male vibrator” in which the aim is to place the head inside a sleeve and receive focused vibrations to the head of the penis. This is a huge break through for him and this attachment made it happen.

You can purchase the attachments for £20 each from the O-Wand’s website. I was sent these free of charge in exchange for my review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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