Hey Guys!

This is my review of Trojan’s Vibrating Ultra Touch Massager. I picked this up at a Walgreens near me and was unsure of whether or not it was more of a gimmick or a quality product. It was mixed in with the condoms and feminine products and after using Trojan brand condoms for years, I figured I’d leap into trying one of there adult products.

Out of the Box it comes assembled with the Medical Grade Silicone and Plastic blend cover over the bullet vibrator. (After checking with Trojan and reading the product description I was assured even though its a plastic blend, that they are nonporous and do not contain any unhealthy chemical compounds or phthalates. ) It comes preloaded with 3 button cell batteries, and also with a pouch for storage. The box says the batteries last about 5o minutes but I do know people who have said they lasted way longer, of course unless you time the length of use each time you use it, its hard to get a definitive read on that one. It is about the size of the palm of your hand, and the bullet is about the width of your thumb, with a couple centimeters added when the attachment is on.

The cover was ribbed and when you push the button on the back of the bullet it begins to vibrate. Its actually kind of loud so I wouldn’t suggest using it if you’re trying to be discreet. Also it only has one setting so I’d suggest if you like to build yourself up, start out with it off and then turn it on when you are ready.

Review using finger attachment:
This was actually a great product to test and I included my partner. His remarks were that it was a welcomed addition to foreplay and he enjoyed seeing my increased reaction when trying to excite me. As far as discomfort he didn’t mind it vibrating for an extended period on his finger, but it did feel weird for a few seconds once it was off. Comparable to your finger falling asleep. I also used this solo on my finger and agree with that statement. The ribbing on the tip is a very nice touch as it adds another sensory aspect. I suggest using lubricant whenever using anything in the bedroom but depending on how wet you are, this product actually still works nicely.

Review using only the bullet:
Okay so for this portion I was alone, and like many people got on my trusty computer for some watching material. Once I was all hot and bothered I powered it up and got down to business. Without the attachment the product is a lot narrower then most bullets on the market. I sometimes found it hard to get the product exactly where it needed to be because it covers a smaller service area. I would equate it to holding one of those big pencils they give you to learn to write in grade school. You can however lay it horizontally, the seam where the back comes off can be somewhat bothersome though. Overall it did the job, was just a lot more work then what I was used to so I will probably be using it with the attachment in the future.

All in all i give this product:
3/5 Stars for Function
2/5 Stars for Sound
4/5 Stars for Design