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This is my overview of the Vibrating Ultra Touch Massager from Trojan. I picked up this at a nearby Walgreens and was uncertain if it was more of a gimmick or a quality product or not. It was mixed with condoms and feminine products and after years of using Trojan brand condoms, I thought I was going to spring into attempting one of the adult products there.

Trojan Vibrating Ultra Touch
Trojan Vibrating Ultra Touch

It comes from the box assembled over the bullet vibrator with the Medical Grade Silicone and Plastic mix cover. (After checking with Trojan and reading the product description, although it is a plastic mix, I was ensured that it is non-porous and does not contain any unhealthy chemical compounds or phthalates.) It comes preloaded with 3-button cell batteries and also with a storage pouch. The box tells the batteries last about 5o minutes, but I know individuals who say they’ve lasted much longer, of course, unless you count the duration of use every time you use it, it’s difficult to get a definite read on it. It’s about your hand’s palm size, and the bullet is about your thumb’s width, adding a few centimeters when the attachment is on.

The cover was ribbed and it starts to vibrate when you press the button on the back of the bullet. It’s really kind of loud, so if you’re trying to be discreet, I wouldn’t recommend using it. It also has only one environment, so if you want to construct up, begin it off and switch it on when you’re prepared, I’d suggest.

Review with finger attachment:

This was a excellent product to be tested and I included my partner. His comments were that it was a welcome addition to foreplay and when he tried to excite me, he liked seeing my enhanced response. As far as discomfort he didn’t mind vibrating on his finger for a prolonged period of time, but once it was off it felt strange for a few seconds. Comparable to falling asleep with your finger. Also on my finger I used this solo and I agree with that declaration. A very good touch is the ribbing on the tip as it adds another sensory element. I suggest using lubricant whenever you use anything in the bedroom, but this item still performs beautifully depending on how moist you are.

Review using the bullet only:

Okay, I was alone for this part, and like many individuals, I received some watching content on my trusty laptop. I powered it up and got down to company once I was warm and bothered. The item is much smaller than most bullets on the market without the attachment. Sometimes I discovered it difficult to get the item right where it required to be because it covers a narrower region of service. I’d put it on a par with keeping one of those large pencils that they offer you to know how to write in high school. However, you can lay it horizontally, although the seam where the back comes off can be a bit embarrassing. Overall, it did the job, it was a lot more work than I was used to, so I’m likely going to use it in the future with the attachment.

All in all i give this product:
3/5 Stars for Function
2/5 Stars for Sound
4/5 Stars for Design