Omeha Massage Oil by Desirables Review

From a hand massage to massage stones like the Adori by Desirables, it will always be easier on you (and the receiver) if a massage oil is used. This is because it allows the stone or hands to slide across the skin in a smooth motion, and not rub it raw.

Omeha Massage Oil
Omeha Massage Oil

The question is, which one to use? That’s where the Omega Massage Oil comes in. It can be used as a casual massage oil, or a sensual or sexual massage oil. It is designed to be organic too.


This massage oil is organic and created using sunflower oil. For added affect, it includes Omeha, which is a fragrance unique to Desirables. It also includes other essential oils for aroma therapy purposes: pink grapefruit, red mandarin, Ylang-Ylang, bergamot, and rosewood.

How It Works

You simply apply, and it will absorb fast so it’s not over oily or wet for long periods of time. Additionally, when the massage is over, you’ll also notice the skin is soft and moisturized. That’s an added benefit to having your muscles feeling better too!

When rubbing it in, the oil feels silky and soft, not sticky or greasy like many other massage oils do.