PDX Elite EZ Grip Stroker Review

The name is a mouthful, but you will soon forget about trying to remember the name when you take the leap into ecstasy. This is a male toy that surrounds the cock while applying a satisfying amount of tightness.

PDX Elite EZ Grip Stroker
PDX Elite EZ Grip Stroker

As you stroke, it will suction to the penis and squeezes it for an amazing feeling on each stroke. This is why it’s called the EZ Grip Stroker after all. Inside, it has bumps and ribs to give a nice little massage to the shaft.

It’s designed so that it will not slip during play, no matter how slow or fast you want to go. The bottom is enclosed, meaning it can provide even more suction power to each stroke. The grip part is soft and flexible, but made to be snug.

The exterior is textured so it does not slip, made from TPE. Because of the design and material, cleaning it off is simple, warm water and toy cleaner.

It’s a full 5.25 inches in length, with a width of 1.75 inches, for a 3 inch diameter. This is good for average sizes, maybe a bit above average, but may not be the best option for smaller girths.