Review: Pink Bob Entice Bullet

Pink Bob Entice BulletThe Entice Bullet, the Alex and the Paris Nubby arrived super fast from the states as my first review package for Pink Bob. The package was plain and discreet as advertised and the packaging for the items themselves were tasteful. I haven’t included photos here this time around as it was just a simple clamshell style package with an information sheet and the remote-controlled bullet inside.

One minor thing I have to mention regarding the packaging/information sheet is that it doesn’t state anywhere whether the toy is waterproof or not. I searched the site for answers, but it isn’t mentioned there either. I have thus far not had any problems giving it a quick rinse, but I’ve been keeping the wire well out-of-the-way and have opted to simply wipe the remote with toy wipes.

The Entice Bullet is made from ABS plastic, which is odourless and non-toxic so is completely body-safe. It contains no latex or phthalates and it’s not going to disintegrate if stored with other sex toys. It is an extremely rigid, sturdy material which means that it has absolutely no flex to it whatsoever. I was pleased to find it was smooth to the touch (the material, not the toy itself) and it has minimal drag to it so only a small amount of water-based lubricant is necessary. I personally don’t use lubricant with this toy when I’m using it clitorally, but I would if I were using it internally.

It has an overall length of 3.75 inches and a diameter of 1.31″ so it’s a very reasonable size. It fits perfectly within the palm of my hand which indicates that this would be a great toy for someone who is new to sex toys, particularly insertables. It has a decent amount of cord length at 37.5″ which means your partner doesn’t have to be sitting immediately next to you in order to control the bullets vibrations. I think these types of toys are particularly fun to use with a partner, so I don’t tend to use them for a solo session, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t.

Pink Bob Entice BulletEntice is a battery-operated bullet and it takes three AAA’s. The batteries are placed into the remote control via the easy to remove cap on the back and inserted as shown on the diagram. Once the back of the remote is back into position you simply get the jack and insert it into the base of the remote. I particularly like that the wire is removable as it makes for easy storage and it also prevents the toy from turning on accidentally when it’s in your drawer or your bag.

It is operated via a two button interface, one large circular button and a dial. The large button is pressed once to turn the toy on and pressed again as you cycle through the various patterns. The dial alters the intensity of the different functions, so there’s something for everyone and it gives beginners something to work up to, which is great. There are seven functions to explore on this, six of which are patterns and one is a constant vibration. You can get the low, medium and high options thanks to the handy dial, which lessens the amount of settings needed. I generally don’t enjoy patterns, particularly on battery-operated toys, so it was no surprise I didn’t like them on this toy, but that’s just my preference rather than a fault with the bullet itself.

The vibrations are on the buzzy spectrum as I expected them to be, but they aren’t numbing and they don’t kill my sensitivity, which is a positive. I actually thought the vibrations were pretty powerful for the battery source and I can even orgasm when I use the full intensity against my clitoris. I have used this vibrator four or five times and I have managed to have a clitoral orgasm each time, although it’s not as strong as it would be with a rechargeable, but that’s a given. I still enjoy the orgasms and the strength of the vibrations so this is definitely a battery-operated bullet that I’d be happy to recommend.

I didn’t care for this bullet internally and I didn’t think it targeted my g-spot as the site suggests, but then again my spot is used to curved toys so that might be why it couldn’t find it or stimulate it. Other women might have a different experience and find this toy great for their g-spot, but for me this is more of a clitoral toy. It can also be enjoyed by my partner when held against his sensitive spots, but he’s not overtly fond of the texture that it has. He would rather use a smooth, sleek vibrator if he’s going to involve one in a session.

In terms of noise, it can be noisy when it’s turned up to the highest intensity but it’s nothing that a duvet can’t disguise. It’s definitely not the loudest vibrator that I’ve ever experienced and some form of noise is to be expected with toys that take batteries.

I received the Entice Bullet ($17.95/£13.41) from Pink Bob in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

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