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I had always felt like there was something missing from my toybox and that something, was a fantasy dick. I had been browsing through several well-known toy maker sites in this category, looking for the perfect toy to get me started, when I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of the FlufferThe Fluffer by Primal Hardwere is available in dick and “wereable” options, and is based on a fox’s penis. It is quite similar to the wolf toy known as the Growler, but is much smoother according to the description. It’s also slightly smaller, which makes it better for those wanting an entry-level fantasy toy.

I expected my package to take a couple of weeks to arrive, with it coming from overseas, but customs held it up for a little bit longer than that. This was solely down to customs taking their time as usual, rather than a problem with Primal Hardwere. If you’re purchasing from outside of the US, allow a few weeks for your toy to arrive and be aware that a customs charge may occur, depending on how the officers checking your package are feeling that day. I didn’t receive one with this package, but a few of my friends did. Once the package arrived, I noted it was discreet as advertised, even with the legally required packaging slip on display. The toy was protected with packing paper and bubble wrap, but had no official packaging.

The Primal Hardwere Fluffer is made from platinum-cure silicone, which is phthalate-free, odourless, non-toxic and completely body-safe.  Due to the material, only water-based lubricant should be used with this toy. I found the silicone had medium drag to it – not being the harshest, nor the softest I’ve felt.   It attracts a fair amount of lint, but what silicone toy doesn’t? It’s easy to remove with a quick rinse and spritz of toy cleaner. Alternatively, the Fluffer can be submerged in boiling water for several minutes for a more thorough, in-depth clean.

Primal Hardwere Fluffer

Primal Hardwere Fluffer

Primal Hardwere Fluffer

Primal Hardwere Fluffer





I requested my Fluffer in Torchflame Blue, which is a neon shade that looks much brighter than the pictures show. There are a huge variety of other colours available and they can be found here. You can even request a custom colour by writing in the notes section when placing an order and they’ll do their best to match it for you, which shows that this is a company willing to go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. The colour isn’t the only thing you can alter either, as you can also choose from three different firmness options. I believe my Fluffer is in soft, but when I purchase a toy for myself, I’ll probably opt for the medium.

The Fluffer is not a toy that’s suited for someone new to penetration, but it may not be large enough for the size queens out there either. It’s ideal for those who are looking to push their limits, expand their comfortable size range and experience the stretching feeling. It has a shaft circumference of 5.25″ and a knot circumference of 7.125″. I was really comfortable with the girth of the shaft, but I did wonder how I was going to manage the knot, as it’s a little bit bigger than what I’ve used before. The length is smack bang in my ideal range though with 8.25 inches of overall length and 7″ usable. I can happily take seven inches on a good day, but that’s all dependent on how cooperative my cervix is being.

How does the Fluffer feel? Well, it’s different. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a dildo that feels the way this one does. I don’t know if it’s because I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “I’m being fucked by a fox dick” or because of a combination of the shape, size and very subtle texturing, but it just feels different. In my case, I encourage different in the bedroom, as it stops things from getting predictable.

There’s nothing predictable about the Fluffer. Whilst it may look big and heavy, it’s fairly lightweight and the base even has some suction to it, allowing it to stick to a few flat surfaces. This opens up the option for hands-free fun. My Fluffer looked like it was going to be too soft for this angle at first, but a firm grip mid-way down the shaft made all the difference. If I’d have got this in medium firmness, I think it would have made insertion a little bit easier and is something I’ll definitely remember to think about when I’m ordering a toy in the future. I unfortunately can’t handle the full length or the knot in this position, as my vaginal canal shortens greatly when I’m on top and my cervix begins to get in the way, causing discomfort.

I have been pretty determined that I would conquer the knot, which is why this review has taken a little while longer to post than I thought it would, but I wanted to use the toy to the best of it’s abilities before reviewing it. The shaft was a breeze from the outset, as-long as a small helping of lubricant was involved, but I knew the knot would take a little more than a drop of Sliquid. Slathering it in H20, with the Tango strategically placed on full power, I proceeded to edge the knot in slowly. I think I underestimated what my body can handle, as it slid in pretty easily after a while. It entered with an extremely satisfying pop and a glorious stretching sensation that made me want to orgasm almost instantly. I began to thrust with the Fluffer rapidly and less than 30 seconds later, I’d had an extremely powerful blended orgasm.

I’m one of those females that cannot usually orgasm from penetration alone, but the Fluffer got most of the build-up done by hitting my A-Spot, it just needed a tiny bit of assistance for the explosive finale. The unusually shaped tip of the Fluffer is slightly bumpy and it rubbed against my A-spot with ease, confidence and determination. I’m still pretty new to this type of stimulation, but I don’t think I need to second guess whether the Fluffer hits the right spots or not. I think the fact that my bedsheets have needed replacing on multiple occasions after use answers that question.

Overall, I absolutely love this toy and can’t find any faults with it, other than the slight issues I had with insertion. I initially thought this would be a fantastic starting point, being one of the smaller toys on offer and although I’m not (yet) a girth fanatic, I’m starting to see the fascination with going larger. I found the knot incredibly satisfying and it felt like a great achievement, to increase my manageable range from 6″ to 7.125″. It did take a few attempts, but it was well worth the challenge. I would recommend the Fluffer to anyone who’s interested in fantasy/animal dicks and doesn’t mind the girth. I would also highly recommend Primal Hardwere to anyone looking for a good quality, body-safe and customisable toy.

I received the Fluffer Dick in Torchflame Blue ($105.00/£76.73) from PrimalHardwere in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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