Review: Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress

Whilst I was browsing through a selection of lingerie options that I could review for Orion I decided that I should pick one item that I wouldn’t usually go for. I don’t wear dresses often in the bedroom, simply because I haven’t found many that I liked that also fit, but the Red Corner range within the Cottelli Collection had several cute pieces and this Peplum Wet Look Dress was one of them. I don’t have anything even remotely like this outfit in my lingerie collection so I thought it would be interesting to see whether this look would work for me and whether it’s a look I should be exploring more. My partner is a big fan of wet look and fetish/clubwear lingerie so this seemed like a good choice. It is more figure hugging than I would usually pick, due to the body issues/confidence problems I have, so I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would feel in it but surprisingly it made me feel great about myself and put me in a positive, inner dominatrix headspace.

It arrived in a stylish red and black cardboard sleeve complete with glamorous model shots on the front and back. The images are tasteful and the models are both gorgeous. Inside the box the dress was folded neatly inside a plastic packet and protected with tissue paper. This piece has a wet look appearance that’s made up of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. It also comes with a large Cottelli tag in the back which I instantly discarded as it was white and highly visible through the material.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressRed Corner Peplum Wet Look DressRed Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress





Red Corner is a lingerie line that was brand new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality. I am something of a lingerie snob when discussing standards as I like comfortable but sexy garments that are well put together and will last a long time with care. This piece easily met those requirements. It appeared to be made perfectly with no ugly seams, unfinished edges or loose threads in sight. The material felt lovely and looked fantastic with its high-shine finish. I was very impressed with it and would absolutely wear more pieces from this range if they were all made like this.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressI received the Peplum Wet Look Dress in an XS which is equivalent to a UK 6-8. I placed it on my glamorous assistant Berta for the review photos and she is based on that size so the photos are an accurate representation of what it looks like on someone who wears this size who has a smaller chest. I wear a UK 4-6 and it fits similarly on me although it isn’t as skin-tight around the thighs/butt.

This was definitely more of a challenging piece for me to wear than the other two items I chose to review as its out of my usual comfort zone but I think those boundaries have to be pushed sometimes and it seemed to pay off on this occasion. My partner had a great reaction to this outfit which made me feel incredible and as a result of that I’d seriously consider wearing more pieces like this in the future. It’s not something I would be able to wear on my worst days but for those occasions where I want to be dominant and have an outfit to match the mood, this will be one of my first picks.

The cups are the same style as the Cottelli Collection Wet Look Basque I just reviewed so I had high hopes that they would be similar when it came time to try this dress on. I wear an A cup, which is proportionate for my frame and body type, but can make finding lingerie difficult. These cups don’t have any underwiring or padding and sometimes this means they flatten me and take away the little chest that I do have but luckily we struck gold once again and it didn’t happen with this dress. The cups fit well, they were comfortable and it wasn’t obvious that there was room leftover for bigger cup sizes. I think this size could take up to a C cup but keep in mind that there’s no support at all. If you need padding or wiring to support the girls then this dress probably won’t be comfortable for you.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressOne thing that I noticed about this dress that I wasn’t keen on was that it has a tendency to ride up. I’m only short, I stand at exactly five foot, and this finishes just below my butt. If I walk, move around or even fidget then the dress begins to ride up to expose some of the cheeks. It can be frustrating having to constantly adjust or pull the garment down every few minutes so I try not to move too much when I wear it. If you don’t mind exposing a bit of butt then I suspect this won’t be an issue for you but if you’re like me and find dresses/chemises/skirts riding up to be irritating then I would keep that in mind if you’re considering purchasing this.

Other than that minor issue, I didn’t come across any problems with the way that this dress fit me. It fits my bust perfectly, pulls in the waist and stomach with its lovely lace-up detailing and skims the hips and butt with its peplum trim. I was pleased with the quality and the packaging and I think it would make a great gift for someone who loves a touch of wet look and prefers their lingerie to make the most of their assets. It may not be something I would have ordinarily chosen for myself but I’m so glad I pushed myself out of the familiar zone of basques and babydolls to try something new. I really do like this dress and although it’s not something that will be worn on a super regular basis it definitely has a place in my collection and I am now on the look out for more pieces just like it.

You can purchase the Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress (€49.95/£44.49) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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