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Satisfyer 1When I was introduced to the clitoral suction technology last year, I absolutely fell in love with it. The best of the four models I tried last year was by far the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s still one of my go-to toys and I have it permanently charged and ready to go. I just can’t get enough of it. A few months after it arrived, I heard through Twitter that Satisfyer were going to be releasing four new models and I became ridiculously excited. I hoped to get my hands on a couple for comparison and to my surprise, I was sent the entire range, courtesy of Satisfyer.

The packaging for this product is clean and classy, which is exactly how I like it.  A couple of glossy pictures appear on the box, as-well as some of the products key features. Inside the box, the Satisfyer 1 rested within some plastic casing. There’s no storage, which is the one of the only downsides to the Satisfyer range for me. Products like the Womanizer do come with a pouch or case of some sort, which can be a bonus if you have a huge toy collection like I do and like to keep things separated. It’s not a deal breaker, but is a minor niggle.

Satisfyer 1The Satisfyer 1 is the most basic of all the models and goes back to the companies roots. It has the same sort of shape as the Pro 2 and is extremely comfortable to hold as a result. I generally prefer long-handled toys as I find these easier to use and I think they’re better for those who suffer with mobility or reach issues. It’s made up of a purple abs plastic body and a high-grade silicone head, which is removable. I would recommend using a coating of lubricant around the rim of the head for comfort, but stick to water-based to avoid degrading the material.

It does have a couple of visible seams due to the plastic body, which isn’t majorly impressive aesthetically, but it does mean that there’s less lint, so every cloud has a silver (or purple) lining. It is much better than the awful designs of the Womanizer W100 and W500 models but it does look slightly cheap in comparison. It still has that ear thermometer resemblance going on too, but I’m quite used to the weird-looking appearance now. I personally prefer the way that the Satisfyer 2 looks, but for a beginner, I think function is more important than the way something looks. This can always be upgraded at a later date if all goes well.

Satisfyer 1The Satisfyer 1 takes two triple a batteries and these are placed inside a labelled compartment once the base has been twisted off. It’s been described as the must-have toy for globetrotters, as airlines can be funny about vibrators that use rechargeable batteries. Just make sure you leave your triple a’s at home and pick some up at the airport.

It is ‘splashproof’ (as long as the base has been placed back on firmly) so can be cleaned with soapy water but I would not recommend submerging it/using it in the bath as a few of my fellow bloggers have encountered some issues when doing so. The head can be taken off and washed separately for a deeper clean. I recommend using a q-tip and some cleaner to remove those stubborn fluids and particles of lint.

It’s operated via a singular button, which I’d personally like to sit slightly lower for ease of use and convenience and this leads to another minor annoyance. It turns the toy on when pressed and held for a couple of seconds and then increases intensity with a tap. The problem is that it’s not possible to go down a setting if you accidentally go too high or pass your favourite, you have to continue through the rest of the functions and start again. This can be slightly off-putting and a bit of a mood killer if it happen on a semi-regular basis. I’d have preferred a second button where I could decrease intensity as and when needed.

Satisfyer 1Using a clitoral stimulator like the Satisfyer 1 couldn’t be easier. Simply part the labia and find your clitoris, then place the nozzle over the area and find the most accurate and comfortable position before turning it on. It doesn’t need to be moved again once you’ve found the right spot. There are eleven intensities of pressure wave stimulation on the Satisfyer 1 and being the suction queen that I am, I pretty much went straight to setting seven and above. I found that the lower intensities were too subtle for my personal tastes.

I was pleased with the intensity of the pressure waves from settings seven and above, although they were no-where near as deeply penetrating or strong as the Pro 2. It takes me five minutes or less to reach a climax with three of the Satisfyer models, but this one takes more like ten to fifteen. I can get there with perseverance so it’s good for the occasions where I want to prolong an orgasm, but it’s not so good for heat of the moment masturbation sessions. I simply need stronger waves of stimulation but that’s not a fault of the product at all.

Satisfyer 1Overall, I think the Satisfyer 1 is one of the quietest suction toys on the market at the moment, especially when it’s in contact with a clitoris. It’s an ideal product for someone who finds discretion essential and the whirling noise of a mechanical motor off-putting. It’s also ideal for someone who has never experienced a pressure wave stimulator before and doesn’t want to spend £60+ on something that may not work for them.

It’s a great product to test the waters with and one I’d recommend to anyone who’s unsure about these types of toys. If direct clitoral stimulation is your thing, but this sounds as though it might not be intense enough for you, stay tuned for more upcoming reviews on this range as there are a couple of worthy options to follow.

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You can purchase the Satisfyer One (£39.95) from Simply Pleasure.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


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