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Satisfyer 2When I was introduced to pressure wave technology in 2016, I fell hook, line and stinker for it. My favourite of the five models I tried last year was without a doubt the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s been around eight months now since I first got it and it’s yet to be replaced or outdone. It still lives permanently charged by my bedside so I can grab it as needed. I can’t get enough of it. So when I heard the news that Satisfyer were going to be releasing four new models, I became eager and impatient. I had hoped to get my hands on a couple for comparison purposes and to my surprise, I received the entire range to review, courtesy of the brand themselves.

The packaging for the Satisfyer 2 is clean and classy, which is exactly how I like it. The box featured some of the key features alongside some glossy shots of the product. Inside, it rested within some plastic casing. The one downside to the Satisfyer range for me is the fact that they don’t include storage. I have a huge toy collection and like to keep things separated and organized, which can get expensive when buying a handful of drawstring bags every few weeks. The competition, Womanizer, do include a case/pouch with the product which gives them a minor advantage.

Satisfyer 2The Satisfyer 2 is one of my favourite models in terms of aesthetics. It’s one of the better looking suction toys on the market at the moment although it still resembles a piece of medical apparatus. It has a lovely white and gold colour scheme and goes back to the roots of the Pro 2 with its shape.

It’s a little ‘boxier’ than the Pro and the head seems to be slightly smaller, but it’s just as comfortable to hold and use. I have a preference for long-handled toys as I find these easier to use and generally more accessible to a wider range of people. Out of the Satisfyer models 1, 2 and Pro 2, I think this one is the best for those who have mobility or reach issues.

It’s made up of a plastic body and a high-grade silicone head, which is removable. It is recommended to use a coating of water-based lubricant around the rim for comfort and I feel this improves the experience massively. It might be one of the cheaper models but Satisfyer haven’t forgotten the key feature that made this brand so popular. It is ‘splashproof’ (as long as the base has been placed back on firmly) so can be cleaned with soapy water but I would not recommend submerging it/using it in the bath as a few of my fellow bloggers have encountered some issues when doing so. The head can be washed separately for a deeper clean. I recommend using a q-tip and some cleaner to remove those stubborn fluids and particles of lint.

Satisfyer 2This model is battery operated and takes two triple a’s. These are placed inside a labelled compartment. To access the compartment, the base of the Satisfyer needs to be twisted off. Make sure it’s back into position before taking the toy near water. It’s one of two models from this brand that have been designed for globetrotters and people who are always on the move. It’s ideal for taking on a plane as there’s no rechargeable batteries for the airline to worry about. Just be sure to leave the batteries at home and pick some up at your destination.

Unlike the Satisfyer 1, the two has a three button interface. It has a power button based at the bottom of the control panel which of course turns the toy on and off when pressed and held for a few seconds and then it has an up arrow and down arrow to change through the intensities. There are eleven to choose from on this clitoral stimulator so it’s nice to have the option to scroll back down should you turn it up too high or accidentally pass the setting you wish to use. On the Satisfyer 1, you simply had to go up to the highest speed and start all over again which could be off-putting to some users.

Satisfyer 2After trying out the other battery operated Satisfyer (which takes the same batteries) I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this version, but I did. I don’t know how there is such a huge difference between the two, but this one is magnificent. I was expecting some lacklustre sensations as the first version wasn’t intense enough for me, but by the time I had reached setting three I knew something was very different.

I cycled through all the settings and was extremely pleased with the amount of intensity this can offer, especially as a battery-operated model. It can be strong and powerful on the higher settings, but delicate and introductory on the opening functions. I can easily have a good night when using settings seven and above, orgasming in a reasonable time frame of around five minutes. It might not be quite as intense as the Pro 2, but it’s much closer to it than I could have ever anticipated. If for some reason my Pro is ever not available or charged, I would be more than happy to reach for the regular 2 in its absence.

I would state that the Satisfyer 2 was the biggest surprise in the box of Satisfyers I received to review. I wasn’t expecting anything special from it, nor was I expecting to like it almost as much as the Pro, but I guess the best things in life can be unexpected sometimes. It’s not as loud as I thought it may be either, which is another bonus. The sound dissipates upon contact as is the case with all suction toys, but I feel this could be slightly quieter than the Pro on the highest intensities, which was another surprise.

Satisfyer 2In conclusion, I’m really impressed with this clitoral stimulator. It solved the two major issues I had with the Satisfyer 1 – the lack of intensity and lack of other buttons to control the functions. I think this one is nicer to look at, more sleek in terms of aesthetics and functionality as-well as being the all round more powerful product. The only thing that I dislike is the fact it’s battery operated as my personal preference is for rechargeables.

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You can purchase the Satisfyer 2 (£49.95) from Simply Pleasure.

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