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I was first introduced to pressure wave technology in mid 2016 and I absolutely loved it. The Satisfyer Pro 2 was a stand out toy for me from the outset and it hasn’t actually left my bedside (other than when it’s in use or being cleaned) since the day it arrived. We have begun quite the love affair. After a while of sole dedication to the Pro 2, I decided that I should try more of these devices so I started accumulating a nice little collection. The latest additions to my treasure chest are the four newest models of the Satisfyer, which were kindly provided by the brand themselves in exchange for honest feedback. The one I’m talking about today is the Pro Deluxe.

The packaging for the Pro Deluxe is clean and classy, which is exactly how I like it. The box featured some of the Deluxe’s key features alongside some glossy shots of the product. Inside, it rested within some plastic casing along with the charging cable and a user manual. The one downside to the Satisfyer range is that they don’t include storage. I have a huge toy collection and like to keep things separated and organised, which is why storage is always appreciated. The competition, Womanizer, do include a case or pouch with the product (minus the Pro 40) which gives them bonus points.

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

Satisfyer Pro DeluxeSatisfyer Pro DeluxeSatisfyer Pro Deluxe





It is made up of a plastic body and a high-grade silicone head, which is removable. Both of these materials are free from latex and Phthalates and are completely body-safe. It is recommended by the brand (and myself) to use a coating of water-based lubricant around the rim for comfort. I feel that doing so massively improves the experience I have with this product. It claims to be fully waterproof so it can be cleaned easily with soapy water and submerged in the bath for aquatic fun. I haven’t used mine in the bath so I can’t state for certain, but I’ve had no issues with mine when cleaning or using in the shower. The removable head can be washed separately for a more thorough clean and I recommend using a q-tip and antibacterial cleaner to remove any fluids or lint.

The Pro Deluxe is a rechargeable model and charges via a USB and magnetic clip system. It’s pretty sturdy and doesn’t disconnect easily, unlike the We-Vibe Tango and Touch chargers. I had a quick read of the booklet and site before use, which both state that it might take up to eight hours for the initial charge. It didn’t need anywhere near that long and was more or less done in just over three hours. It still takes around the same amount of time and it offers about 120 minutes of use, which is pretty good. Considering how well my body gets on with this type of stimulation, I don’t need very long on my own with a Satisfyer to orgasm so I can get several uses out of each charge.

Satisfyer Pro DeluxeAnnoyingly, the Pro Deluxe operates via a singular button. It needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds to turn on and off then pressed again to move through the settings. Sometimes I go too intense too soon as I get impatient, so a back button is really beneficial. With the Deluxe, I have to scroll through all of the eleven settings again to get back to the one I wanted. I prefer the three button system that the Satisfyer 2 has and I think that should have been implemented on this higher-end stimulator.

Out of the three rechargeable Satisfyer models, I have concluded that this one is my least favourite. And of the five editions that currently exist, I would have to place the Pro Deluxe in the bottom two. Not because I think it’s a bad toy, but it’s just not as affective for me as some of the other models. I don’t get on as well with the Deluxe as I do with the Pro 2, Penguin and 2. I can orgasm with it, but there are a few complications that I have to endure before I can get to that point. It also takes much longer to get off with this than it does with the other two Pro editions.

I can articulate two main reasons as to why this is. The first is more of a personal preference, whereas the second is a hinderance. I don’t particularly like the shape of the Pro Deluxe. I wasn’t fond of the short, wide shape of the Womanizer and I’m not fond of it on the Satisfyer. I just don’t think it works too well with these types of toys. I don’t mind short and wide when it comes to clitoral vibrators like the Touch because I can move those around to find the most comfortable position and change to different degrees of pressure. That’s not an option with a product like this as they need to be held in place over the clitoris.

Satisfyer Pro DeluxeIt’s the least appealing to me aesthetically because it looks like a squashed oval version of the 2 and Pro 2 combined. The only think that I like about the appearance is that they’ve stuck to the original gold and white colour scheme. It’s supposed to be perfectly palm sized for comfort, but I miss the handle room as I find this shape awkward to hold and hard to get the right placement of the nozzle. I couldn’t recommend the Deluxe to those with reach or mobility issues as a result. I would suggest the Pro 2 instead.

The hinderance that I mentioned earlier is the nozzle. Why? There’s not much of it. If you look back at the previous models, you’ll see that they each have heads that are made from a thick oval of silicone. The one on the Pro Deluxe is dramatically thinner and as a result, it doesn’t provide the comfort that the other heads do. I always feel like this one is grabbing and pinching the skin around my clitoris as I remove the product after use, which is not a great feeling. A slathering of lube doesn’t seem to reduce this sensation either.

I have to fiddle around with positioning for a while before I can lay back and turn on the settings as there’s only one specific way for me to sit for this to work with my body. I don’t know if others will encounter the same issue to the degree that I did, but I found myself limited to only one position as others just wouldn’t maintain the seal. The other models that I have can be used in various positions with different angles to keep things interesting. With the Deluxe, it seems to be this one way or nothing at all. I’ll take what I can get, but it doesn’t make me excited to use this model on a regular basis. It seems that the nozzle thickness can make all the difference to how much I enjoy a stimulator such as this and the Pro Deluxe is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t change things that work in an attempt to be different.

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

The settings on the Deluxe cannot be faulted. I feel that I would be saying that this thing rips orgasms from me whether I want one or not if the nozzle were different. It has eleven intensities, all of which are fun to use, but I find myself needing ten and eleven for five minutes or so to be able to get off. The Pro 2 can tear an orgasm from me in 30 seconds, so five minutes is not that impressive and left me feeling a bit deflated.

If you aren’t into battery-operated toys or the aesthetics of the Satisfyer 1, then the Deluxe could be a good introductory option. It’s gentler than the Pro 2 and I feel that this offers a level of control that the other Satisfyer models don’t. It allows you to build up to an orgasm, rather than taking one from you. I would also recommend this model to people who need something quiet and those who enjoy edging, teasing and prolonging their orgasms. For the power queens, intensity hungry and forced orgasm lovers amongst me, I would advise staying away and buying a Pro 2 instead.

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 You can purchase the Pro Deluxe (£68.95) from Simply Pleasure.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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