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Satisfyer Pro PenguinMy first introduction to pressure wave technology was in early to mid 2016 and I feel hook, line and stinker for it. The Satisfyer Pro 2 was the stand out model for me from the outset and to this day, it’s still one of my favourites. It has a permanent home by the side of my bed so it’s always ready for an outing.

In the early stages of my relationship with the Pro 2, I began to hear that more similar toys would be emerging soon, and low and behold, they were. Satisfyer themselves were in the midst of creating four new models. They kindly provided the entire range to me in exchange for my honest feedback. The one I’m talking about today is the Pro Penguin and I believe I saved the best of the batch until last.

The packaging for the Pro Penguin is clean and classy, which is exactly how I like it. The box featured some of the Penguin’s key features alongside some glossy shots of the product. Inside, it rested within some plastic casing along with the charging cable and a user manual. The one downside to the Satisfyer range is that they don’t include storage. I have a huge toy collection and like to keep things separated and organised, which is why storage is always appreciated. The competition, Womanizer, do include a case or pouch with the product (minus the Pro 40) which gives them bonus points.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro PenguinSatisfyer Pro PenguinSatisfyer Pro Penguin





The Pro Penguin is one of three rechargeable models and charges via the same USB and magnetic clip system as the others do. Just attach the clips to the magnets on the toy and plug the USB into a port of your choice. I rather like this system and I feel it’s sturdy in comparison to other magnetic systems. (We-Vibe, I love you, but I’m talking about you). I read through the provided booklet and website before I placed the Penguin on charge as I wanted to see if it claimed it could take up to eight hours as the other models do. It does. I definitely didn’t leave it that long though. I’d say three hours sounds more realistic and this gives about 120 minutes of use, which isn’t half bad.

It’s made from high-grade, smooth silicone and hard plastic. Both of these materials are body-safe (obviously, or I wouldn’t be using them), latex/phthalate free and odourless. The nozzle can be removed for deep cleaning, but it can’t be replaced with fresh nozzles. Satisfyer do sell boxes of spare heads for their Pro 2 model, but haven’t released any that are sized to fit the Penguin at this time. It is recommended to apply a coating of water-based lubricant around the rim of this nozzle for comfort during use. I feel that this is essential and can greatly improve the experience I have with the product. This model is fully waterproof so can be cleaned easily with soapy water or taken in the bath or shower for underwater fun. I haven’t done this, but I’ve had no issues with cleaning under running water.

Satisfyer Pro PenguinPenguin has two buttons. One that turns the stimulator on and off when pressed and held for a few seconds and one that cycles through the various settings. Whilst this is somewhat of an improvement to the singular button of the Deluxe, I’m still annoyed that there isn’t a third button that allows me to go back down an intensity. The Satisfyer 2 uses this system and I love it, so I really think it should have been implemented on the higher-end editions too. If Satisfyer were to make more designs in the future then I’d urge them to bring back the better control panel for my sanity.

Who do I think is best suited to a product like the Satisfyer Pro Penguin? A person who likes direct clitoral contact. If you find that constant pressure or attention to your clitoris is overwhelming, numbing or uncomfortable then I wouldn’t be able to recommend a stimulator such as this one. A toy like this works by parting the labia and holding the nozzle directly in place over the clitoris until an orgasm (or two) is reached. It’s hands-free in that sense as once it’s in position it doesn’t move until you’re finished using it. If you’re a person who prefers broad stimulation to the angled tip of a bullet vibrator then you might find that something like the Penguin is too intense for you, even on the lower settings. It might be too intense for someone who’s particularly sensitive too as the stimulation is incredibly precise. I personally like both broad and direct stimulation, but have a preference for pin-point stuff, so these stimulators work fantastically for me.

I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the Penguin or not, because it doesn’t have the typical shape that I prefer from these sorts of sex toys. I usually like to have the longer handle, which the Pro 2 and 2 offer. I just find these easier to hold and control. In this case though, I wasn’t bothered by the lack of handle room. It’s quite strange for me to admit that as I complained about this very thing with the Pro Deluxe and Womanizer W500, but I found the Penguin to be the exception. It was really comfortable to hold, easy to change functions and an all round pleasure to use. It’s actually my second favourite Satisfyer out of the five that currently exist, which I was definitely not expecting. As a result of the smaller surface area I wouldn’t recommend this model to those who have mobility/reach issues. I suffer with weak wrists so I can’t use the Penguin for long periods of time but it has enough intensity that I’ve never needed to.

Satisfyer Pro PenguinI feel that the Penguin has a great range of intensities on offer and it forces orgasms from me in less than two minutes on the highest intensity. I can enjoy orgasmic bliss from setting seven and above though, although the time it takes varies. I find settings six and below to be great on the occasions where I want to do some teasing, prolong an orgasm or work my self up to achieving a second orgasm following the first.

It’s proved to be pretty reliable for me and I’m quite happy with the results that it produces. I don’t think it’s as intense as the Pro 2, but it’s much stronger than the 1 and the Deluxe, so I’m happy with that. I will say that it leaves me feeling quite sensitive after one or two orgasms, so I wouldn’t use this particular model for more than that. I think this is due to the nozzle shape, as it’s more refined than the oval shapes of the other models and allows more sensation to pass through to the clitoral area.

Noise is one of the first things that I’m asked about regarding these toys, so it’s worth repeating that none of these stimulators are completely quiet due to the mechanisms involved. I do think noise is an important factor for a lot of people, so if you’re one of them, this is a model I’d suggest using when others aren’t around. This is louder than the Satisfyer 1 and Pro 2 in my opinion, but I find it tolerable and just opt to use it whenever I get the house to myself or I use the TV to muffle the sound.

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I received the Satisfyer Pro Penguin from Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the Pro Penguin (£59.95) from Simply Pleasure. Affiliate links have been used within this post.


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