Review: Scarlet Rouge (Hot and Cold) Subscription Box

I was browsing Twitter recently and noticed lots of whispers about “adult” subscription boxes. There seemed to be quite a few appearing on my news feed, most of which appeared to be aimed at beginners. I did like the idea of a box of sexy treats turning up at my door, so I went on the hunt for a box that would hopefully leave me wanting to subscribe.

It proved to be a challenge to find a box that didn’t contain toxic toys and cheap filler items, but I eventually found a few boxes that looked like they might be worth a try. I was immediately drawn to the company ScarletRouge after browsing their site, as I could tell they put a lot of effort into their boxes and aim to provide their customers with only the best products.

A few days later, their Hot and Cold Subscription Box was on its way to me. I was very impressed with the quick dispatch and fast delivery, along with their discreet outer packaging. There were no signs that this package contained items of a sexual nature. I opened up the plain, cardboard box and discovered a beautiful, red storage box with their brand name on the front.  Inside the box, I found an information sheet about the company and a guide for the box, giving some suggestions for use, which I loved. It was easy to read and helpful, especially for those who may be new to temperature play.

Hot and Cold Subscription Box

Hot and Cold Subscription Box

Hot and Cold Subscription Box

Hot and Cold Subscription Box





When I removed the information cards, I found four items in my box, which were:

  • Icicles No 8 Glass Dildo (RP £32.99)
  • Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray in Mystical Mint (RP varies between £9.99 and £15)
  • Sliquid Sizzle Natural Stimulating Lubricant 125ml (RP varies between £10.99 and £15)
  • Crazy Girl After Dark Love-Spell Pheromone Soy Massage Candle in Black Orchid (RP according to Amazon £18-£19)

I added these costs up (starting from the lowest price I found) and the box total comes to a minimum of £72. This box costs £60 with a shipping cost of £5. So whilst this only saves you a few pounds, it provides an experience of luxury and excitement, that for me, makes it worth it.

Want to find out what I thought of the items? Here’s a brief overview of each product:

Icicles No 8I do actually own the Icicles No 8 already, but as I’m in a long distance relationship, I’ve always said I should have back ups of my favourite toys at his place, so I was actually very pleased to get my hands on another. I absolutely love this glass dildo, the shape and size are just perfect for me. I love the waves in the shaft, they make for a great internal massage.  I love my glass toys cold and this dildo reaches icy temperatures quickly if let in a bowl of cold water.

Good Head Deep Throat SprayThe Good Head spray I have tried before, but in the Strawberry flavour. I was pleased to try a new flavour as I am not overly fond of the strawberry. I like this one much more, it’s refreshing and adds a slight tingle for him too. A couple of sprays in the back of the throat is enough to numb it, in order to deep throat my partner successfully. My partner is on the large side, so things like this spray allow me to perform acts that I wouldn’t usually be able to, which is fun for both of us. It works great on sore throats too.

Sliquid Sizzle

When I saw this in the box, I was excited but also nervous. If you’ve read about my experiences with durex lubes, you’ll know the sensation lubricant was the worst thing in the world and it put me off them for a while. I should have known Sliquid wouldn’t let me down. If anyone can change my mind about a type of lubricant, Sliquid can. I’m so happy this was included in the box, it’s natural, free of nasties and lots of fun. It has great texture, is long-lasting and provides a gentle warming sensation that enhances playtime. It’s particularly fun when combined with the glass dildo.

Crazy Girl Massage Candle

I was slightly worried about this candle after a bad experience with a Crazy Girl Massage Oil, but it seems that the problems I had with that, don’t exist with this. There is one flaw with it, which is the tin, as it’s ridiculously difficult to open and I ended up with no nails. It seemed that some of the wax had melted around the inside of the tin, sealing it shut. However, it smells amazing, burns fairly quickly and absorbs into the skin beautifully, leaving no sticky or greasy texture behind.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this box and the items I received in it. Please note that the items in the box do not change, so this is what you will receive, should you choose to purchase it. If you like the idea of a sexy subscription, but don’t think this is the box for you, they have several other options such as the back door box, fifty shades of grey box and even a sensual romance box, for those who want something a little bit lighter. If you can’t find a box that suits you right now, stay tuned, as they are regularly adding new boxes. I’m sure there will be something for everyone as they continue to grow over the next few months. I’m hoping for an essentials box next, as a sex toy reviewer, I could do with a monthly subscription for lubricant and cleaner!

Update (November 2016): After being sent this box to review six months ago, I decided to go back and see how this company were doing and it seems that they are no longer in business or have moved/changed names. This box is no longer available to purchase, but you can find other adult subscription boxes here.

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