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If you live outside of the UK, you may be not be familiar with Sh! Women Store. One of our countries best sex shops. It was in fact our first women’s sex shop, founded in 1992, as an antidote to the sleazy, back-street, male dominated industry it was back then. This is a company that wanted to create a welcoming, honest and informative environment where women felt comfortable and safe discussing toys, sex and pleasure. Ultimately, the bigger picture was to inspire women to embrace their sexual selves and I can say they are definitely doing that now in 2017. I’m a huge fan of Sh! and everything they stand for so I’m really pleased to be bringing you another review for them on one of their newest own-brand products, the Bliss G-Vibe.

Sh! Bliss G-VibePresentation wise, Sh! did not disappoint. The Bliss arrived in a purple box with a cut-out viewing window in the front, a product description, list of key features and care instructions on the back along with the brands logo. It’s simple, clean and classy which is exactly what one would expect from this company. Inside the box the toy is stored within some plastic casing for safe keeping. It doesn’t come with a user guide but as this is a self-explanatory product, it wasn’t needed. It also doesn’t come with a storage bag, so you’ll need to find a storage solution separately.

The Sh! Bliss vibe is made primarily from silicone, but has a plastic cap. Both materials are free from latex and phthalates, are non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and completely body safe. The silicone is supple and smooth, but there is naturally some drag to the surface so I recommend using a good quality water-based lubricant with it. You should only use water-based to avoid damaging the material. Another thing to note about silicone is that it attracts a ton of lint, so be sure to rinse thoroughly before and after each use. It is waterproof, but they advise keeping water away from the battery compartment so I wouldn’t submerge it. Rinsing with warm soapy water is perfectly fine though.

Sh! Bliss G-VibeIt takes one double A battery, which is not included, so be sure to have a few on hand when purchasing. Insert the singular battery into the compartment in the base by unscrewing the cap, following the directions inside and screwing back on firmly.

The toy has only one button which is located on the bottom of the cap and this controls all of the functions. Press once to start the vibrations, continue to tap to cycle through the ten modes and press and hold to turn off. The toy will also turn off once you reach the end of the modes. When it’s in use a blue light will show, remaining steady through the constant speeds and flashing in accordance with the patterns.

Most of the vibrations transfer to the head of this vibrator, but there is some activity going on in the shaft too. I didn’t find any of these settings to be numbing or off-putting, so that’s a positive, but I’d class them all as being on the borderline of buzzy meeting rumbly. I was pretty taken back by this as it’s a battery operated toy, one that takes only a single battery, and that’s not an everyday occurrence. Most battery operated toys that I’ve encountered have been buzzy and obviously so. This one is on the border and has a good amount of strength considering its source. I’d happily place it in the medium intensity category.

Sh! Bliss G-VibeIt has 5.75 inches in overall length, with 4.7 inches being insertable. It has a maximum circumference of 3.74 inches at the widest point, which I think is totally manageable for most people. It is fairly slim for a g-spot toy but the head is bulbed, tapered and is followed by a comfortable curve that makes it fit for purpose and effective at it’s designed job.

I think it’s the perfect size for a newbie to sex toys, a beginner to penetration or simply a grand alternative to the larger toys on the market for days when you’re not feeling like being stretched out. If you’re fond of smaller vibrators, this may be a worthy option.

From feeling the head of the Bliss before use I knew it was firm so I held high hopes that it would be firm enough to satisfy my cravings. I need firmness on that internal spot to orgasm otherwise I’m left feeling warmed-up but not satisfied. Luckily, it had just enough rigidity to get the job done. I personally could have done with a bit more firmness, but I can work with what it has. This toy is not much of a thruster from my experience. I don’t know whether that’s due to the small circumference or the lack of handle room, but I couldn’t get thrusting to feel good. In the end, I opted for a twisting and rocking motion to nudge against the spot rather than push into it.

Sh! Bliss G-VibeI am used to larger g-spot toys so you might think that this would make the Bliss a disappointment for me, but it was the opposite. I felt that the petite size was a nice change from the bulbous, no-nonsense g-spotters in my collection & I loved taking my time with gradual twisting motions and experimenting with the amount of pressure I could achieve. I finally found a pace, pressure and position that worked best for my body and you better believe that I exploited it with the help of the highest intensity to get myself that rewarding climax.

I also tried the Bliss G-Vibe out as a clitoral stimulator and it seemed to work rather well. It’s not often that I encounter a g-spot vibrator that can’t work for internal and external stimulation and this one wasn’t going to be one of the exceptions. It’s a little longer than most bullet vibes which meant I had a nice amount of handle room to help direct the tip of the toy to the right positioning for me. I’m fond of direct clitoral contact and the head of this toy can give me that, with a nice amount of pressure on the side. If I use the high intensity setting then I can get off this way. It’s not the most satisfying clitgasm I’ve ever had as I typically require industrial level strength, but it is a nice option when I fancy something softer or want a toy that will provide some stimulation during sex without pushing me over the edge too quickly.

Sh! Bliss G-VibeNoise wise, I have no complaints. This cannot be heard outside of the room if the bedroom door is closed so would be a great contender for people who need discretion or value their sexual privacy. It would also be a good choice to throw in your bag for on-the-go use as it’s so subtle and doesn’t take up much space. I actually still live at home with a family member so do like to have toys that I can use whilst others are around and this one is perfect for those times.

Overall, I think this is a lovely little g-spot toy. Its small nature makes it non-intimidating, couple-friendly and beginner safe as well as being a fun, viable contrast for those of us with more seasoned collections. It’s body safe, waterproof, easy to understand and operate, effective at both g-spot and clitoral stimulation and lastly, it’s super affordable. It’s only downside would be that it’s going to cost more than a rechargeable in the long run because of the need for batteries, but honestly, I feel like I’m picking at straws to find something wrong at this point. There’s nothing majorly problematic about this product at all and as a result, I’d be happy to recommend it to those mentioned above.

You can purchase the Sh! Bliss G-Vibe (£30) from Sh! Women Store. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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