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A month or two ago, I heard about this intriguing new product called Slube. There’s a clue in the name as to what the product is, but to sum it up, it’s a body lubricant that can be used for a variety of things. It’s particularly popular in the wet and messy/sploshing community. I’m not a splosher myself, but the idea of playing around in green goo was appealing to me, even if it was just because I never got to play in a bath of slime as a kid.

It is currently available in five varieties. Three in the signature range and two in the hardcore range. I opted for the Juniper which is part of the signature range, but I quite liked the idea of the Risqué Red (Strawberry) version and the Erotic Blue (Lavender, Jasmine & Bergamot) too. I think the hardcore options of Custard Yellow and Black Leather would be too much for my partner. Custard is definitely not for me either, but I am interested in trying the leather at some point, just to see if it smells as it’s described.

Slube Juniper

Slube Juniper

Slube Juniper

Slube Juniper





As you can see from the photos, it arrived in a small box complete with a description and a full list of instructions. Inside, there’s a bag of colorful green powder which will later be transformed into lube. The process is actually much more straight forward than I had anticipated and doesn’t take as long as I thought. All you have to do is run the bath water until it’s just under half full and then sprinkle the powder across the water and stir with your hands. You can see a demonstration of this on YouTube and get a feel for what it looks like once complete.

Once the residue has turned into a slimy lube, you’re good to go. I will stress that you need to be extra careful when getting in and out as this stuff is extremely slippery. Think water slide times two. I decided to ease myself into the bath slowly, one leg at a time, not-so-sexily clutching the sink for dear life. It may not have been my most attractive moment, but hey, I didn’t break any bones..

I didn’t get any photos this time around with Slube as I felt weird about taking photos in my Mothers private bathroom (the only room with an actual bath) and I was frankly too excited to get into the bath, so a camera was the last thing on my mind. If I purchase a box of the leather variety, I shall ask for permission to take photos in there first, I promise. It really does just look like a tub of goo though and I think that description can give you a pretty good mental image of what to expect.

A few great things about this product that you need to know is that it’s non-toxic, free from glycerin and parabens, internal-safe and even latex-safe, although they advise to test on the latex first. There’s no ingredients in here that should cause irritation, but as with all lubricants, a patch test is a good idea. I had no reaction to it at all and was soon slathering myself in the stuff. I thought it might be horribly tacky and gloopy but it really isn’t. It’s actually a rather relaxing experience that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. It’s great for massage, splashing around in and using toys with. I particularly enjoyed using it with a nice, textured piece of glass like the Icicles 24.

Once I’d finished, which was about an hour later when I was so shrivelled that I had to get out of the water, it was really easy to dispose of. Slube is a miracle creation that doesn’t clog drains and keeps your pipes happy. It’s completely plumbing friendly. It is diluted by adding 50% more water into the mix and stirring it with your hands. A quick rinse with the shower head might be needed afterwards to remove any residue, but it doesn’t stain thanks to the type of colouring that has been used. It does advise to be careful with materials around the bath such as tile and grout, as these are porous and may retain some colour.

Overall, I’m glad that I didn’t shut this product down just because I’m not a splosher. It might not be an erotic thing for me, but I found the experience enjoyable and I thought it worked great as a lubricant. It seems that a bath full of lube comes in handy when you’re dealing with an extra textured toy. I even liked the scent of the Juniper, although I’m not sure it’s the smell that I’d go for if I were to buy this product again.

Slube Juniper

Product Name? Slube – Juniper

Type? Body Lubricant

Purpose? Wet and Messy Play/Sploshing

Amount? 250g Box

Toxic? No

Body-Safe? Yes

Glycerin and Paraben Free? Yes

Price? £19.99

Ingredients? Sodium Acrylate Copolymer, Parfum (Juniper Fragrance), FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue No1

You can check out the entire Slube range at The Kinksters. This particular scent is no longer available as Slube has since had a makeover and rebrand but there are several others to choose from.

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