Review: So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet Vibrators

I recently received a generous review package from So Divine and inside I found two of their single speed bullet vibrators, the Halo and the French Kiss. I thought I’d loop them together into one review as they are basically the same product with different names and colour schemes. Before I can get to that though, I need to tell you a bit about the company behind the products. When I read the about us section of their website I immediately got on board. I loved their message. It’s simply to celebrate the arrival of a brighter future in which everyone can enjoy the pleasure of high-quality sex toys. Their belief is that sex toys should be fun for all, regardless of gender and/or sexuality, which is something that I can truly get behind as I feel the same way.

The Halo and the French Kiss both arrived in compact boxes featuring a product photo on the front along with the name and So Divine branding. The back of the box had a small viewing window to allow a quick glimpse of the product, which I thought was quite cute, and some brief instructions for use. Inside the boxes, I found each bullet in plastic casing alongside a small information leaflet. This gave a quick welcome to So Divine and some cleaning directions.

So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet Vibrator So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet Vibrator So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet Vibrator So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet Vibrator





The boxes state that the bullets have a ‘silky soft silicone feel’ to them and I can’t deny that this is true to an extent, but it does still feel like plastic to me if I’m being honest. They do have a smooth, gentle to the touch surface that is much softer than something like the exterior of the Rocks Off 80-MM but I can still tell that there’s some ABS in there. I think the combination of silicone and plastic makes these bullets ideal for someone who’s looking for a first time sex toy. They are soft enough to be comfortable, but the rigidness of the plastic will allow for adding pressure where needed. As the combination is silicone and plastic, there’s no worries of latex and phthalates and body-safety is not an issue. These materials are both safe to use.

So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet VibratorHalo and French Kiss both take three A-G14 batteries (which are more commonly known as LR44 or watch batteries) and these come included. To get started, unscrew the cap and remove the paper circle from each compartment before placing the base back on. As there is only one speed available on each bullet, the singular button on the base will simply turn this on and off. When I turned this on for the first time, I wasn’t expecting much. Mostly because I’ve never been too impressed by vibrators that are operated with these batteries, I mean how can something so tiny be capable of anything more than a gentle tickle?

As the bullets buzzed into life, I was pleasantly surprised. Considering their small form, inexpensive price tag and minute batteries, the steady speed isn’t bad. It’s definitely on the buzzy spectrum and something I’d consider to be teasing rather than orgasm inducing, but when factoring in those things mentioned above, my conclusion is that it’s decent. If you’re a power queen like myself then these bullets won’t blow your mind or get past a couple of uses, but that’s not to say that they couldn’t be enjoyable to some people. If you’ve never used a vibrator before, are particularly sensitive or don’t need intense vibration to get off, then the Halo or French Kiss might be fun to try out.

My partner is somebody who doesn’t need super intense vibration and seems to really enjoy the stimulation from petite pocket vibrators such as this one, so I handed the Halo over to him to see what he thought. It wasn’t quite strong enough to bring him to orgasm alone, but it was an appreciated extra during masturbation. It speeds up the process of his orgasms, even if it can’t bring him to one directly. He enjoys using it against his glans or nipples primarily and finds him feeling sensitive afterwards, although he isn’t numbed by the vibrations, which is something that neither of us like the feeling of.

So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet VibratorAfter use, clean-up is easy as these products are both waterproof. Soapy water and a rinse is sufficient for cleaning, but I will occasionally use antibacterial toy cleaner or wipes if there’s been lubricant or fluids involved. I have given them a quick whirl in the bath and shower and I’ve had no issues with them so far. As long as the base has been screwed back on firmly, they definitely pass the submerging tests.

In terms of noise, these bullets are both quiet. I think they’d be great for hotel stays, outside fun, house-sharers and those who simply require discretion for other reasons. A duvet cover is more than enough to cover the sound of the tiny motor. I’d be happy to recommend either of these vibrators to anyone who’s looking for a near silent sex toy that offers moderate power at little cost.

So Divine Halo and French Kiss Bullet VibratorOverall, I think the Halo and the French Kiss are adorable buzzy bullets that are ideal for beginners and couples. If you have a partner who is nervous about trying sex toys for the first time, these petite palm pals could be the perfect introduction. Measuring just three inches in length and 0.6 inches in diameter, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I personally did not orgasm with these bullets and neither did my partner, so I can’t give them a rating any higher than three stars, but I can see them being right for some people and I think in our case it’s a matter of personal power preferences, rather than a fault with the products.

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You can purchase the French Kiss or Halo Bullet Vibrator (£6.99) from NicenNaughty.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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