Review: So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug

So Divine have quickly become a company that is high on my radar. I love the quality of the products I’ve tried so far and my admiration of their message still stands firmly. You can read more about that in the past reviews I’ve written for their products. I have not been disappointed with their sex toys as of yet, which is quite surprising for those who know how fussy I am when it comes to picking vibrators, but I wondered how they would do on this new excursion. They recently introduced something completely different to the line of vibrators they originally offered with their first butt plug, the Sweet Sensation.

So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty PlugIt arrived in a classic purple and white box featuring a product photo on the front along with the name and So Divine branding. It points out a few key features on the side of the box and some instructions for use on the back. Inside, there’s another box containing the plug, a small velvet storage pouch and the small information leaflet that comes with all products. It gives a quick welcome to So Divine and some basic cleaning directions.

The Sweet Sensation Booty Plug is made from silicone. It is of course non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. It’s also free from latex and phthalates. A good material is important for any sort of sex toy, but it’s absolutely essential for butt products. Sometimes silicone can maintain a butt odour after use, but I didn’t find that happened with this particular plug. I have cleaned and washed it well after each use a scented antibacterial cleaner though. In terms of how the silicone feels, it truly is divine. It feels gloriously smooth to the touch and has very little drag to it. As it’s designed for anal use, I would definitely recommend using a good coating of anal water-based lubricant like Sliquid Sassy, especially if anal is completely new to you.

When this plug was described to me as petite and beginner friendly, I had expected something small, but I was still surprised by how adorable it actually was when it arrived. It’s absolutely perfect for butt plug/butt play beginners or those who are nervous about using plugs. It measures up at four inches in circumference and three inches of overall length. Two and a half inches are usable. It’s not the smallest plug in existence, but it should be fine for anyone who can handle a finger in their butt. I personally have quite a bit of anal experience, so I could manage a larger plug than this at my current comfort level, but that doesn’t make these beginner plugs useless to me.

So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty PlugSweet Sensation’s shape is traditional. It has a pointed tip with a rounded body and a slender neck. It has the very important circular base (that’s wider than the neck) to prevent travel. You should never use anything in your butt that doesn’t have a flared base as these can get lost. I found it easy to insert and I’ve encountered no slipping out. I have zero concerns about it traveling or creating an awkward hospital visit. The base feels sturdy and secure, keeping the plug firmly in place until I’m finished with it.

I did have some initial concerns that this plug would be difficult to insert as the neck and base have some flex to them, but this didn’t seem to affect insertion at all. If anything, it made the process easier as I could get the correct angle for comfortable entry. I also worried that I might accidentally pop out the crystal when pushing against it, but it’s supported well by the silicone that surrounds it and does not come out easily at all. The Sweet Sensation is my first jewelled butt plug and it definitely won’t be my last. It looks very pretty when worn as it sparkles and reflects the light beautifully. It really does give your partner a nice view when you are wearing it and adds something extra to a plug that would be quite plain otherwise.

So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty PlugIn terms of how comfortable it is to wear, I’d have to say very. It’s the sort of plug that I can wear for long-term use without having any problems. I wouldn’t recommend doing this straight away if you have no anal experience, but it’s an option to explore once you’ve become acquainted. I can wear it for several hours without feeling the need to relubricate as it’s so petite that additional lubricant isn’t essential for me. This might not be the case for all, but it’s how it worked out in my experience.

Sensation wise, butt plugs make the vaginal canal feel tighter, which can be fun for both parties during intercourse. My partner noticed the difference and commented on it a couple of times, although the difference wasn’t huge as I’m quite tight down there anyway. It seemed to place a subtle, noticeable pressure on the back wall which made sex more enjoyable for me and increased my chances of being able to orgasm. I often find butt stuff induces more orgasms than vaginal penetration, but the combination can be lethal. I don’t need to use a clit vibe if I’m wearing this plug to come during sex, but I would if I wasn’t wearing it.

For that reason, I’ve been wearing this butt plug rather frequently during sex with my partner. Being able to join him as he orgasms without needing vibrations between us is something my partner welcomes. It feels more intimate during lovemaking, makes us feel more connected and is generally a ton of fun. It’s part of the reason I’m not so opposed to penetrative sex anymore as I’ve finally found something that enables me to enjoy the experience. I can see this being an everyday plug until I move onto something a little bigger as it’s just so comfortable and durable. I hope that So Divine intend to bring out some larger different colored versions in the future and maybe even vibrating options too. I’d be all for that.

You can purchase the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug (£19.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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