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Sqweel XTI purchased a Valentine’s Bundle for my partner this year and the Sqweel XT happened to be part of it. He is new to using sex toys that are specifically focused at those who own a penis as he’s used to universal toys such as bullets and wand vibrators, but this has opened his eyes to trying more toys outside of his comfort zone in the future.

I had personally read multiple reviews of this product beforehand and noted that they were rather conflicting. Some people loved it, some people loathed it, and others just couldn’t decide. I wanted my partner to go in with a completely open mind, so I kept what I’d read to myself and let him figure it out with no preconceptions.

It arrived in a simplistic blue and white box with some product information featured on the sides. The front and back of the box were clear, so the toy was viewable from the outset in display case fashion. I quite liked it, but it’s not particularly special. Inside the box we found the product alongside an instruction manual, charging cable and a second set of turbo tongues, which we now know to be the firm set.

Sqweel XT

My partner was fairly impressed with the appearance of this product, although he did mention that he’d never seen anything remotely like it before. His first comment was along the lines of it looking nothing like other oral sex toys on the market and how he thought it could easily be mistaken as a hand-held fan or some other electrical gadget by someone who has never heard of it.

He describes the Sqweel XT as lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use. He liked the button placement too, although he said that he’d prefer it if they stood out from each other more so he could tell the difference between them without looking at them. He could not find any other gripes with the build quality or design and loved the fact that it’s completely waterproof. I like this too as it means I can use it on him when he’s in the bath or shower and clean it easily once he’s finished with it. Soap and water is all that’s required as its made from body-safe materials.

In regards to charging, that’s really simple. Just place the jack into the base of the toy and the USB into a port and you’re good to go. A blue light will shine from the port whilst the charge is taking place. It takes roughly two hours for a complete charge and this gives around an hour of use, which is setting dependent as I expected. My partner was reasonably happy with this ratio, although he did mention that this means he only gets two uses per charge as he needs to use it for 20-30 minutes each time.

Sqweel XTThe control panel is easy to understand as there are only two buttons to master. Pressing and holding down either button for a few seconds will start/stop the Sqweel and pressing both simultaneously will activate/deactivate the travel lock feature. If you wish to change the function, press the forwards arrow until you reach the option you desire and press the backwards button if you accidentally miss it or just want to go back.

It has three speeds and three patterns to explore, but my partner hasn’t really entertained the patterns. He’s becoming quite like me in the sense that constant sensation and pressure is what works for him and stop-and-start functions are more off-putting than pleasure building. He liked the constant speeds, but I think he’s in agreement with other reviewers who’ve stated that more power is needed. I was quite surprised when he said he needed more from this as he’s not usually one for super strength and he’s not a power queen, but when I had a feel for myself, I could totally see where he was coming from.

He told me that he couldn’t feel much, if anything, with the softer turbo tongues, so he switched to the firmer wheel in the hopes of better stimulation. It was easy to change between the two wheels and he liked the fact that he could put the tongues in reverse when swapping them out to add to a different sensation. Whilst he thought that the firmer wheel was an improvement, a third firmness wheel wouldn’t have gone amiss. He seems to need very rigid pressure in order to reach a climax, so a wheel of more stubborn tongues would have been appreciated by him.

Sqweel XT

As it stands at the moment, he hasn’t orgasmed from use of the XT. He describes the sensations it provides as pleasurable, but not orgasm inducing. He thinks that it is a great teasing toy, but nothing more. He doesn’t have any experience with this kind of toy, so he can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem is but he did locate a couple of areas where improvement could be made. The power and a firmer wheel being the main two. It might be a combination of the two or it might be that this type of stimulation isn’t right for him, but time will tell.

In terms of noise, I don’t think the Sqweel XT is louder than any of my vibrators. It makes some noise due to the mechanisms, but I wouldn’t class it as loud. A closed bedroom door and a sprinkling of background music or TV is more than enough to cover the sounds it makes anyway.

Overall, my partner was glad that he received a male bundle and that this was part of it. It has been a huge stepping stone in making him understand that he doesn’t have to be wary of stigmas surrounding “male” sex toys and they are not all realistic or porous. He said that he would be happy to give an updated version a chance if the power was increased and the wheel had some additional firmness, but for now, it’s going to be used for teasing and the focus isn’t going to be on orgasms, but rather their denial.

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You can buy the Sqweel XT (£49.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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