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When I heard that Tantus were releasing a wand, I was pretty excited. It’s something that they’d never done before, so I was apprehensive, but as I love 95% of their inventory that I’ve collected, I had high hopes. I mean, they’ve made vibrators before, but nothing quite like this. I haven’t seen anything similar to this on the market and that’s one of the main things that set it apart from the rest. The other thing that makes the Rumble different is the slogan it carries, it’s described as ‘a vibrator for every body’. I absolutely adore this message as it’s pointing the industry towards the right direction, which is gender neutral and inclusive marketing. It’s something we don’t see enough of, so I’m super happy that Tantus chose to do this and hopefully other companies will start to take notice of the fact that genitalia doesn’t always dictate who a person identifies as or what toys they can use.

The packaging for the wand is different to the usual display case styles boxes that Tantus toys arrive in, but it’s still easily recognizable due to the orange and white colour scheme. It’s classy and sleek as expected, covered with glossy images of the product and some of its key features. Inside the box, lay the Rumble within some foam casing, an instruction manual and the USB charging cable. One charge lasts around four hours, which is pretty great in my opinion and as a result, I’ve only had to charge it a handful of times despite a multitude of uses.

It has been made well and I couldn’t find any flaws with the build quality or materials used. It feels like a sturdy, quality toy and its of course body-safe, as all Tantus products are. One downside to the Rumble is the fact that it’s not waterproof, so it can’t be used in the bath or shower. It is considered splash proof, but I never like to take any risks. For cleaning, I use toy wipes on the handle/control panel and remove the waterproof silicone head to be rinsed separately. This can be rinsed in soapy water to remove fluids and lint, but make sure it’s fully dry before placing it back on. It can also be boiled (as can the sold separately attachments) if multiple people are going to be using it, which is great for those of us who are extra cautious about our toys being sanitary.

As for the control panel, it’s made up of three simple buttons. Power to turn on/off, plus to increase in intensity and minus to decrease. These buttons also control the use of the patterns, of which there are four. I’m really pleased with the layout of this panel as it’s clean, uncomplicated and easily accessible. It seems to be a popular move for companies to make vibrators that have the power button immediately next to the increase/decrease buttons, which makes it easy to accidentally turn the toy off instead of up/down and this puts a dent in the mood. Luckily, Tantus have solved this problem by placing the power button further up the toys shaft.

The Rumble is different for a multitude of reasons, but I think its distinctive design definitely has to be talked about in this review. Wands typically have a large, oval or circle shaped head and a straight, weighty body. This one doesn’t. It’s insanely lightweight, to the point where I wondered if I had been sent a foam version when I first got my hands on it, which makes it accessible to a larger audience. There are many people out there who enjoy broad stimulation but have mobility issues, weak joints, or coordination problems that affect their ability to use standard wands, so the Rumble is going to be ideal for anyone with these sort of issues.

In regards to the power, I agree with Tantus’s definition of it being mid-range. They have openly said that it’s no Doxy, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak, lacklustre and uninspiring. It’s not a wand that will tear orgasms from you in thirty seconds like the mains-powered beast I just mentioned, but that’s exactly what I like about it. I know, it’s strange, right? I’m a power queen that generally prefers to have my clitoral orgasms over and done with in under five minutes, but on occasion, I like to take my time to reach a climax.

Admittedly, this is not very often, but it does happen. Sometimes I want to lay back and take twenty minutes to revel in the sensations and let my orgasm be reached in a more natural, gradual sense rather than it be forced from my body within a matter of seconds. If extended play is the vibe that I’m feeling on a given day, this wand is one of the first things that comes to my mind. It has a low hum to its vibrations, not so much of a rumble, but definitely not a buzz, that feels glorious against the clitoris without overpowering it and sending my nerve endings up into ecstasy.

The only problem that I have encountered is finding a position that works for me. It’s quite hard to get the head in a comfortable position that’s also providing stimulation to the right places with an adequate amount of pressure.


Overall, I quite enjoyed the Rumble. It’s not my favourite wand and I’ll be the first to admit that, but it’s certainly not a bad toy. It has its time and place in my collection and goes well with certain moods.  It’s definitely worth a shot if you have any sort of motor/mobility issues and like broad stimulation, want something lightweight and/or don’t need power-queen vibrations.

You can purchase the Tantus Rumble ($129.99/£103.60) from Tantus.

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