Review: Tantus Silk Medium

Tantus Silk MediumSeveral months ago, I was still figuring out what I did and didn’t like in a toy, so I decided to buy a variety of different shapes, sizes and textures to help me understand my body and my tastes. One of the toys that I ordered was this Tantus Silk Medium, as it looked the perfect size for warming up to larger dildos. I was also pretty new to anal back then and I thought this size silk would be a great starting toy for that. It arrived quickly and discreetly as per all Lovehoney orders, in the typical Tantus fashion of a cardboard box with key features on the back and a cut-out viewing window in the front.

I chose Tantus specifically because they are a highly trusted and respected brand in this industry. All of their products are made from a unique formula of ultra-premium silicone, which is completely body-safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is of course free from latex and phthalates. Their products are even boilable and dishwasher safe, so they can be thoroughly sanitized, which is great news for those who switch between partners and/or orifices. I tend to do a thorough clean once a month and in-between I will just use toy cleaner and water.

I discovered upon removing it from the packaging that the Silk is firmer than I expected. It’s not completely solid, but it doesn’t have any squish to it at all. I thought it would feel similar to the Compact, which is of a similar size, but that seems to have a much softer core than the Silk. It has a similar amount of flexibility to the Warm Up as I can make the head touch the base if I use a little bit of pressure. This gives a rough idea of how much wiggle room there is to work with, which in my opinion, is more than enough.

Tantus Silk MediumThe Silk is one of the sleekest dildos that I own, along with the Compact and Warm Up, which are both also made by Tantus. It has an extremely smooth, slightly glossy surface and this has the least amount of drag that I’ve ever felt on a silicone toy. It is recommended to use a splashing of water-based lubricant, especially if you’re new to penetration or are using this for anal stimulation, but I have never really needed to use much as there isn’t much friction to begin with.

When I used this toy for the first time, I thought the dimensions were absolutely perfect. It has five inches of insertable length and a maximum circumference of 3.5 inches, which is no wider than two fingers. It’s a very slim toy and should be manageable if you’ve inserted two fingers into your chosen orifice without problems before. Now that I have more experience with dildos, the Silk medium is not thick enough for me to get stimulation from it vaginally. I have glass toys with the same girth, but most of those feel larger than they are, where-as this one doesn’t. The length is still perfect for me as it’s within my comfort range (between five and seven inches) and it doesn’t hit against my cervix.

An inch or so down the shaft, a gentle curve begins to form, which is the ideal shape for stimulation of the g and p-spot. In my experience, the Silk is no longer firm enough for me to get the desired amount of pressure that I need to orgasm, but I can definitely see it being useful to people who are new to this type of play or simply don’t need as much firmness as I do. When I first got this, it was able to stimulate my g-spot, but I never managed to have an orgasm from it vaginally. I prefer something like the Curve, as it’s thicker and has less give.

The Silk features a flared base so it’s perfectly safe to use it for anal play and it can be used with or without a harness, depending on your reason for use. I don’t participate in pegging with my partner, so we haven’t tried this in a harness, but we have tried it without and the results have been great. I don’t like as much length or girth vaginally, so I think toys like this are the perfect size for this orifice. If I’m interested in double penetration, during masturbation or sex, then I would reach for this toy or one of its similar sized friends that I mentioned above. Its compact size and its sleek surface makes thrusting extremely easy and comfortable. I can easily reach an orgasm if I’m using this toy alongside a powerful clitoral vibrator, but I struggle without any additional stimulation as there’s no texture.

Overall, I think that the Tantus Silk Medium is a fantastic choice for beginners to penetration, regardless of gender or orifice. I get frequent use from this toy anally, especially if I haven’t used toys in a while or I’m needing to warm-up in order to have successful anal sex with my partner, but it’s not quite big enough for me to enjoy vaginally anymore. I may purchase the large version at some point and see if I have more success with that, but for now I’m happy with the medium.

You can purchase the Tantus Silk Medium (£27.99) in Black or Purple from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used throughout this post.

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