Review: Tease by Lovehoney Blindfold

Tease by Lovehoney BlindfoldI received the red version of this blindfold from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review, the purple version was a free gift with purchase and the black was part of a three-piece set that was also free with purchase. Most of my bondage kit is red and black, but I have some nice purple silky handcuffs from this range to match the blindfold. I like the red one the most and this gets the most use. We can never have too many blindfolds, so I’m certainly not complaining!

It arrives in a clear plastic packet, with the Tease by Lovehoney label on the front. Very basic, but is great for keeping the blindfold free from cat hairs! Attached to the blindfold was a small information tag about the blindfold, it emphasised the importance of using safe words during bondage play which I love, as this blindfold is great for beginners.

I really love the design of this blindfold, beginner and couple friendly, it’s simple, classy and elegant. It looks and feels like a luxury product and is extremely soft to the touch with an almost shiny finish. The satin ties have ample length so will be suitable on any size or shape head without digging in or becoming uncomfortable. I prefer these types of blindfolds to ‘sleep masks’ as those small elasticated straps can become irritating after a while. I can fully relax and enjoy a session with a silky strap across my eyes. It’s a super high quality product, as is the rest of the products in this range. It is perfectly constructed and executed, no frayed material etc. It keeps and holds its shape perfectly despite being adjusted to different face shapes regularly.

Tease by Lovehoney BlindfoldThe blindfold has wiring underneath the built-in eye mask, which can be adjusted to fit any size/shape face. When the blindfold is in place, simply pinching across the bridge of my nose moulds the blindfolds to ensure I can’t see underneath it. This is my favourite feature of this blindfold as it differentiates it from typical blindfolds that can be doubled as sleep masks. It blocks out all surroundings, heightening all senses.

How do we use a blindfold?

  • Experimenting with power play. Blindfolds are a fantastic and essential part of our kit. They’re a great way to shift the balance of power, I can switch between Dominant and Submissive, but have a preference for being the Dominant. It works out well as my partner is naturally Submissive, but occasionally we like to change roles. He seems to become more confident and comfortable being in control if I can’t see exactly what he’s doing. He becomes a completely different person between the sheets when I’m blindfolded.
  • Exploring my dominance. I like to blindfold my partner and ask him to do certain things to me, his senses become so heightened that he does everything like it’s our first time all over again. He has a sudden rush of urgency which is a massive turn on for me. He becomes desperate to make me reach an orgasm.
  • Exploring his submissive side. In the same way I like to explore my dominance, him wearing the blindfold whilst I follow his direct instructions is a huge turn on for us both. It is a mix of doing as he says, followed by stopping and making him beg for more. This is also a great edging technique.
  • Giving an erotic massage. This is where we bring out the nice oils, the candles, soothing music and maybe some temperature elements. Ice is a favourite during an erotic massage session, even better when he’s not anticipating it. Wearing a blindfold during a massage just helps us to relax further and really enjoy the attention from the other. We might include a hand massager, a feather tickler or even a wand.

We purchased this product for ourselves and all opinions are our own. You can purchase your own Tease by Lovehoney Blindfold (£12.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links were used within this review.

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