Review: Tease by Lovehoney Crop

I’m on a spree of Lovehoney Bondage reviews at the moment, so continuing this trend, I’ve decided it’s the right time to talk about the Tease by Lovehoney Crop. After testing a couple of pieces from this range, my partner and I were super pumped when the rest of the collection appeared, we decided to purchase this delightful red crop and matching spanking paddle almost straight away. We were sure the quality was going to be great as the items we had tested were of a high standard.

I thought that the crop would require a larger delivery box or even a courier, but it arrived from Royal Mail 48 hours later in the usual size box I receive. I have no idea how the box also managed to fit four other toys and a couple of free gifts, but I suppose that’s the magic of the Lovehoney Warehouse. The crop   arrived in a sealed plastic packet with a Tease by Lovehoney sticker on the front. I like this as it’s less waste and easier to dispose of, can be awkward living at home when shoving boxes with pictures of bondage gear on into the recycling bin. Attached to the crop was a small information guide that tells you how to enjoy the toy and a little bit about it, it mentions the importance of having a safe word in place, which I liked, but a diagram of areas to avoid hitting would have been better.









Just as I expected, the crop was another excellent quality product from the Tease range. It’s very sturdy and feels like it will be a long-standing implement in our collection. The tip of the crop is fairly flexible but the stem and handle are very rigid. It’s easy to grip and there’s even a handy wrist strap for extra comfort and support. There’s a small Lovehoney logo tag on one side of the crop which is a nice finishing touch.

I’ll be honest, we’d never used a crop before, this was our first. We weren’t newbies to spanking but we had only used softer paddles and hands until we bought this. I wanted something that would have more impact and a crop seemed like the perfect choice. As this is much longer than a paddle, I wanted to give my other half some time to get used to it on his own and make sure it was comfortable to hold before   putting it through its paces.

When it came to using this crop for the first time, I told my other half to start on the softer (red) side so I could warm up and work up to some harder hits later on. In my opinion, the soft side feels much more like a tickle than a spank, but strangely I liked it. It’s great for warming up and awakening the nerve endings. This side is the ideal tool for a couple who are either entirely new to spanking, have only used their hand before or would like to start playing around with the idea of spanking without too much pleasurable pain. I think the leather side is much more intimidating and harsh. It might look cutesy due to its shape, but don’t let that fool you, this is very capable of a solid sting. If you are really going for it, it’s not very forgiving at all. Each delicious sting causes me to arch my back and beg for more. It does leave some red marks,   occasionally in the shape of a heart if swung hard enough, which makes for a stinging reminder of the night before.









Just as I’d advise with a spanking paddle, switch the location of spanks every three or four hits just to spread out sensation and allow for maximum enjoyment. I think it’s also fun to switch between the soft and the leather side to keep your submissive guessing. I know I love wondering what I’m going to be hit with next. I prefer the leather side to the softer side, but both sides can be fun depending on how it’s used. The giver can control how tough each sting is, so this implement would be suitable for everyone as you can give or take however much you like, depending on your experience level. This is particularly good for beginners who want to build up to a sharper sensation at their own pace. I do really like this crop but I’m now looking for the next step up to something slightly more intense.

      You can purchase the Tease by Lovehoney Crop (£12.99) from Lovehoney.

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