Review: Tease by Lovehoney Flogger

The Tease by Lovehoney Flogger was our very first one. We had tried hand spanking and a soft dual-sided paddle, even the softer side of the Tease by Lovehoney crop, but flogging was something we’d never done before. We decided this would be the nice to start with and it would also complete our Tease collection. So this review is based upon our first time flogging experience and an update of how we feel about it now that we’re progressing onto tougher floggers.

It arrived in a clear plastic packet as all items from this range do, with a simple Tease by Lovehoney sticker on the front. Attached to the flogger was a small information tag explaining how to use it. I do like that the leaflet emphasises the importance of using safe words during bondage play, as this is an ideal range for beginners. I have mentioned in my reviews for the rest of the implements in this range that I would have liked some more safety information with these products, specifically where to avoid spanking/flogging.

It’s quite lightweight, more so than I thought it would be, but it’s in no way flimsy. The satin handle feels rigid and supportive, being comfortable and stable enough to hold for long periods of time, but there is an included wrist loop that can provide some extra support and stop the flogger being swung through your TV. This also comes in handy for storage and can be used to hang up the flogger amongst the other spanking tools we have. The fronds are made from a soft leather and there are around 40 of them. I later discovered these fronds can provide two completely different sensations, one of which I wasn’t expecting.

tease by lovehoney flogger

I have learnt that I liked to be restrained and blindfolded during impact play, this helps me to focus on the sensations without any outside distractions. So blindfold on and wrists bound with tape, I lay down onto my front and gave my partner the go ahead to use it on me. We use the traffic light system so we don’t need to go through safe words each and every time we try something new, this system works for us. He followed the suggestions in the information guide to begin with, running the fronds across my skin to awaken my nerves and heighten the impact that would be happening next.

I found the sensation of fronds running against my bare skin rather lovely, it’s teasing and feels slightly more intense and heavy than a feather tickler, the coldness of the leather also helps with this rather satisfying warm-up. I love this to be traced across my inner thighs and down my spine. I wasn’t expecting an impact tool to provide a sensual experience, but I guess we learn something new with every purchase.

I found the flogs to be lighter than I was expecting. I was perhaps already used to the crop at this point. I can feel each frond as it hits my skin, but it’s a small, quick sting that is soon forgotten about and doesn’t leave any reminders. There has been times where my partner has used more force and been able to produce a red mark, but each time this has only lasted for around an hour. If you like longer lasting marks or harsh stings/thuds, I’m not sure how much you could get from this, unless you’re using it purely for a warm-up to something meaner. My partner quickly got the hang of how to hold and aim the flogger, a figure of eight movement did take some practice, but he has since perfected the technique and is able to aim heavier floggers with my desired precision.


Overall, I do like this flogger, it’s great-quality, sturdy and non-intimidating. I have said this a lot when reviewing bondage equipment on my blog as most of our collection, prior to a few recent purchases, have been aimed at beginners. We are definitely looking to expand our collection of hitty things by getting some intermediate/advanced products in the near future. This was a great introduction to flogging and is still fun to warm up with, but it seems that I prefer something a little harsher. I would recommend this to beginners or those who like spanking without too much pain.

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