Review: Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines Pack

It’s not often that I win things but I got lucky in more than one way this past Feb 14th. Tenga set a Twitter giveaway to win one of their Lovers Valentines Packs and I happened to be one of the chosen ones on this occasion. My partner had not tried any sort of masturbation toy outside of vibrators at this point, but he has registered interest in trying some Tenga products, so we were both really pleased to have won. I was particularly happy as I’d read a lot of reviews for this lovers heart texture egg and we were to be in possession of five.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackThe pack arrived in a brown patterned box with the product name on the front. There was no directions for use or anything like that on the box but these toys are pretty self-explanatory I think. There were five eggs inside the box, all of which have the Lovers texture. The wrapping for each egg was different to the regular presentation of this particular product and I thought a couple of them were very striking. I liked the red lips pattern and the love you text pattern. Both are perfect for a romantic occasion and I’d love to see them return next year.

Tenga’s masturbators are made from TPE, which is probably the least offensive material that they could choose outside of silicone. I’d obviously prefer silicone, but as these are for external use only, we don’t mind too much. I don’t think silicone masturbators have as much stretch, nor are they so versatile, which makes TPE the only real option to use. It does set our minds at rest knowing that Tenga is a trusted brand within this industry and they are known for making their products non-toxic. These eggs are still porous so are not completely body safe but as they are designed to be thrown away after a couple of uses, this isn’t too concerning for us.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackTo use, open the wrapping from the bottom as directed to reveal a brown plastic egg. This outer casing then pops open to reveal the textured sleeve inside. There’s an insert inside the toy containing a sachet of lubricant and I assume this also holds the eggs shape as it’s packaged away. Remove the insert and pour the contents of the sachet into the egg. It can be a bit messy on the first attempt, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes second nature, kinda like riding a bike, but sexier.

So, how are these used? Well, he pinches the tip of the stroker as he places it on his penis (as he would do with a condom) and then rolls it down over his head. My partner is uncut so he found that best results for comfort and sensation were achieved when he pulled his foreskin back a little bit to reveal his very sensitive glans. He then glides it up and down his shaft, following the motions that he’d do to himself when having a wank. He said that the texture was pleasurable and got him to an orgasm faster than usual. We enjoyed having these on hand to change-up his masturbation techniques and prevent him falling back into his death grip style of jerking off.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackI have also used these on him by placing one over the head and twisting it up and down the shaft in a circular motion. He said that this technique rubs over his coronal ridge with each twist and feels fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him squirm quite like this. It was very hot for me to watch and it certainly made giving a handjob more interesting for the both of us. The only negative thing I can think of is the squelching noise it makes because of the lube/material/speed combination.

We also tried one of these eggs for another purpose. I had seen another blogger, although the name has slipped my mind at the time of writing, who used one of these sleeves over the head of a magic wand. I thought this was a brilliant idea and simply had to test it out for myself. I found a wand with a plastic head as I didn’t want any of my silicone wands to be potentially damaged by the TPE and placed it over the top. I turned on the vibrations and pressed the textured sleeve up against my clitoris. The heart-shaped nubs rubbed against that sweet spot as the vibrations got to work and this made for a very unique, pleasurable experience. I’m not sure I’d be able to tell the differences between textures with this method, but I will probably try it again and see.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackOverall, I think the Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines Pack was an absolute blessing to our sex life. These eggs were one of the first toys that my partner tried and he will definitely want to get some more of these for our toybox. I think he is very interested in trying some other textures soon, so I’m thinking Stepper or Thunder may be the next best thing. Tenga Eggs are great for on the go use/travelling as they are small, discreet and come with their own lube.

You can buy a single Tenga Egg Lovers Heart (£9.99) from Lovehoney.

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