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O-WandEver since I decided I’d had enough of Lelo’s unethical practises and closed the door on supporting them, I’ve been looking for alternatives to the handful of their products that I enjoy. I no longer want to recommend their stuff to you guys, but I don’t want you to scrimp on quality, power or aesthetics either, which is why it has taken me a while to find a suitable replacement for their Smart Wand Large.

When I was introduced to the idea of the O-Wand via Twitter, I was instantly intrigued. Its marketing suggested it was the “most powerful, safe and stylish personal massager on the market” – which meant that I just had to give it a try and see if it lived up to these claims. It’s not often that I agree with companies who say that their product is the best, but on this occasion, I have to applaud their statement. This wand is by far one of the greatest rechargeable massagers that I’ve used, making the Smart Wand look and feel unimpressive in comparison.


It’s packaged beautifully, giving the impression of luxury and elegance from first glance. It comes with a glossy instruction manual, an attachment (more on that later) and the required charging cable. They have even included some adapters for international use, so you don’t have to worry about picking those up separately, which is a nice touch. It charges via a three-pin plug and the attached jack is inserted into the self-healing silicone port on the underside of the toy. It takes roughly one and a half hours for a complete refresh, which can give up to three hours of use depending on the settings used. It’s just less than an hour and half of use on the top speed.

It is made from a gloriously luxurious silicone, which is platinum-grade and completely body-safe. It doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates, so is non-toxic and hypoallergenic too. It feels silky soft to the touch and has a very minimal amount of drag to it without the attachment. I like to use a small-amount of water-based lubricant if I’m using this on our intimate areas as this reduces any minor friction, but I found I needed to use a little more lube with the attachment. This wand seems to love lint, as many silicone products do, but thankfully it is fully waterproof so any fluff, cat hair or dust can be removed with a quick rinse. After it has been used, it can be rinsed again with soap to get it all clean, fresh and ready for next time.


It has a three-button interface, the power button simply turns the toy on and off when pressed and held for a few seconds, the top button controls the speeds and the middle button operates the patterns. There are eleven settings to explore on the O-Wand, four are constant vibrations with varying intensities and the remaining seven are patterns. There are three pulsation settings that are followed by four rhythm settings. I quite like the fast pulsation, but as expected, the other settings aren’t really for me. This is nothing to do with the toy, it’s just my personal preference. If patterns are exciting for you, then I think you’ll love the variety of the ones on offer.

Before I tried it out intimately, I compared the vibrations to those of the Smart Wand and was surprised with the results. This wand came out on top. The vibrations seemed to be stronger, deeper and rumblier than the Smart Wand’s offerings. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Once against the clitoris, I expected that I’d want to ramp up the vibrations to the high or maximum speed straight away and simply ignore the others, after all they always feel stronger in my hand, but surprisingly, I didn’t. I enjoyed the depth behind the lowest settings and definitely felt that I’d be able to orgasm using those if I was left alone with them for ten minutes. The highest settings can make me orgasm in just over a minute, which is pretty impressive and extremely satisfying.

O-WandIt’s not just for use against the clitoris though, it can be used pretty much anywhere. Outside of intimate pleasure, the O-Wand is fantastic for massage. It’s comfortable to hold due to the sturdy, ergonomic handle and it can really get into those tight knots beneath the skin. The vibrations really sooth out any tension and my partner really enjoys it when I incorporate a product like this in a sensual session. He also enjoys it for personal use and finds it highly stimulating when placed against his glans, shaft or nipples.

When we browsed the O-Wand website we noticed that there are attachments available outside of the included textured stimulator and the one that particularly caught our attention was The O-Gasm, a silicone stroker designed for the penis-owning people. He’s not usually a huge fan of strokers, but the promise of it being open-ended and made from silicone has intrigued him. We may purchase it at some point and come back and update this review with our thoughts.

In terms of noise, I have no complaints. The sound level is pretty much what I expected. It makes less when in contact with the body and/or water, but when it’s pulled away, the noise isn’t extreme. Wands are not typically the go-to toy for those who need discretion, but this is quieter than the mains-powered options and I think the noise aspect is a small price to pay for something that provides such powerful orgasms. I’m pretty sure I drown out all the noise that the toy makes with my own sounds anyway.


My final thoughts on the O-Wand: I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did and I wasn’t sure it would be all the things it promises to be, but it is. It’s a top product, with a sleek, luxurious appearance and the power to satisfy us stubborn power queens, I couldn’t recommend it more.

I received the lovely O-Wand (£199) directly from the source in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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