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Vive MiniSometimes Harmony have fantastic offers where you can get 15% to 20% of all items in a set category and when I came across one of these offers against all pink items, I decided to have a quick browse and see if anything took my fancy. I seemed to be drawn to the glorious shade of pink used within the Vive range and as I’d heard some good things about the brand and they were all included within this offer, I decided to buy three toys which eventually ended up being the Ombra, the Cleo and the Minu, which I’ll be talking about in this review.

It is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic and body-safe premium silicone which is free from both latex and phthalates. It has a silky type finish, which allows it to glide easily against the skin with minimal amount of drag. A small amount of water-based lubricant is recommended to remove that small amount of friction and improve the experience, but it’s not essential. It doesn’t attract any lint as the silicone is anti-dust, which is a huge bonus and fairly rare with silicone sex toys, but it is fully waterproof anyway, so even if lint was collected, it could be easily removed.

It’s rechargeable via USB, so that is simply plugged into your chosen charging port and the jack is inserted into the DC port located on the back of the toy. It is covered by self-healing silicone, to keep the toy’s waterproof abilities intact, but this means that it can be stiff to get the cable into the correct position and begin a charge. I thought this might have gotten easier after a few charges, but it has not. It takes 100 minutes for a complete refresh and this offers a reasonable 70 minutes of playtime, providing your not constantly using it on the highest setting.

Vive MinuUnfortunately, the charging port isn’t the only stiff aspect of this toy, as the buttons are too. I found them extremely hard to push down, very rigid and uncomfortable to use, to the point where I wish they had simply been designed within the silicone, as this would make the process much easier. There are three buttons on the control panel, a central button which turns the toy on and off, a plus button which cycles through the settings and a minus that cycles back down.

It has ten modes, three constant modes and seven patterns, all of which are buzzy. I liked that they didn’t have that high-pitched numbing vibe, but I wasn’t impressed with the strength behind them, as it turns out it’s not much. I couldn’t get this thing to bring me to an orgasm, regardless of the position I used it in, how I placed it, how much pressure I used or what setting I chose. I tried this toy around fifteen times in various moods and states of sensitivity and didn’t manage to achieve one orgasm unfortunately. This doesn’t mean it’s a terrible product, it just means it is simply not strong enough to satisfy the power-hungry appetite of my clitoris.

If you are more sensitive than I, or don’t need as much intensity as I do, then I think there’s a possibility that this product will work for you. It does have a great shape and can be used as a lay-on or knicker vibrator, as-well as being held into place over the clitoris, which would be great if it was stronger as it could stimulate multiple areas of the vulva at once. If you’re not a slave to a Doxy, Tango or We-Vibe Rave then I would give it a chance, otherwise I’d look elsewhere. This isn’t a power queen crowd pleaser.

Vive Minu

Overall, I don’t think there’s much more I can say about it. It’s one of those toys that are incredibly hard to write about as there’s nothing particularly terrible about it, but nothing great about it either. It’s just sort of there. It’s an average, buzzy vibe with special silicone and typical noise levels. I don’t see this wow-ing many people, but maybe you’ll like it more than I do? Let me know if so!

You can purchase the Vive Minu (£59.99) at Harmony. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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