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We-Vibe RaveWe-Vibe are one of my favourite companies of all time. They are well-known for creating c-shaped vibrators that are designed to be used during penetrative sex and small, clitoral vibrators with powerhouse strength. Last year, they began expanding into the world of penetrative vibrators for those of us with a vulva. I became rather excited at these prospects and knew I had to get my hands on them both. I was most looking forward to trying the Rave, their first g-spot vibrator, and when I finally did, I was not disappointed.

The Rave was presented in similar fashion to the Tango and the Touch inside a purple and white cardboard storage box. It shows a glossy product photo on the front along with the We-Vibe branding a list of key features on the back. Alongside the Rave I found the USB charging cable, a full set of instructions and a satin storage pouch to keep everything in. It seems that We-Vibe have ditched the magnetic charging system this time around as there’s a port above the control panel to plug the jack into instead. I’m really grateful for this as the constant disconnecting of the previous chargers frustrated me to high heavens. A full charge takes around ninety minutes and this gives approximately a hundred and twenty minutes of use.

Material wise, I’m pleased to report that the Rave is made from the same luxurious, premium silicone as the Touch. It’s odourless, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from latex and phthalates. It’s seamless and feels delightful to the touch. It’s smooth with minimal drag to it but I would recommend using a coating of water-based lubricant anyway. We-Vibe have said that their products are safe to use with Pjur’s silicone lubricants, so you can do that if you prefer, but I would advise a patch test first just to be sure. The silicone attracts a fair amount of lint and dust as one may expect, but as this toy is only splash proof and not submersible, I’d suggest wiping with antibacterial toy wipes rather than risking a rinse.

We-Vibe RaveYou press the central button to turn on, scroll through the different vibrating patterns and turn off. The up and down arrows increase or decrease the vibration intensity. There are ten vibration settings, one of which is a constant speed and the rest are patterns. I’m typically not a huge fan of patterned vibrations, but I do like We-Vibe’s Pulse, Cha-Cha and Ramp.

It has a modest insertable length and circumference. It’s 7.5 inches overall, with four inches being insertable. It’s long enough to hit the right places, but short enough that it avoids hitting the cervix. I feel that it’s really comfortable to use internally or externally for me personally, but I can’t see most people who’ve experienced some sort of penetration before having issues with using it as a g-spot vibrator. It has a circumference of 4.4 inches, which is pretty slimline, particularly for a g-spot toy, so again it’s great for beginners. I personally would have preferred it to be around five inches as I feel this is the best fit for this type of stimulation for me, but I can make use of what it has now and still achieve orgasms.

We-Vibe Rave

It has a gorgeous matte shaft that’s slightly twisted and asymmetrical at the top, which curves gently into a flattened head that provides firm, accurate g-spot stimulation. The design works perfectly when I twist or rock the Rave back and forth, but it doesn’t feel as good for me when I thrust with it. I believe this is because the head isn’t quite broad enough for me so it slips out of position if I manoeuvre it too vigorously or quickly. I really don’t need a whole lot of movement for this to smash my g-spot straight to a climax.

I also tried it out for clitoral stimulation and I was not disappointed. It holds the same level of intensity and offers the divine rumbles that I love on their previous vibrators and although this wasn’t designed with external stimulation in mind, I found that it worked well. I thought that it might be like the Touch in the sense that the silicone dampened the vibrations slightly, but I didn’t really notice much of that with the Rave. It is firmer than the Touch as the silicone doesn’t have any squish to it, but this means I can get my desired amount of pressure easily. I do prefer to use it for internal purposes, but I am happy to use it externally on occasion as it feels just as good.

We-Vibe Rave

As far as the We-Vibe App goes, I have not used it with the Rave that much. I have experimented with it allowing my long-distance partner to be in control and I can’t say that I didn’t have a great time, but I prefer to control it manually. I feel that it’s more convenient for me and also more of a preference than a fault with the App itself. I love that you can create custom vibrations and I can see that being a feature that will really appeal to some, but I’m happy with the ones it already has and don’t particularly need to play around with others.

Noise wise, I think the Rave is on the quieter side of things. I think the silicone body dulls out some of the sound that the vibrations make and has the same noise level as the Touch as a result. I think it’s perfect for middle-of-the-night masturbation sessions as long as the bedroom door is closed.

      You can purchase the We-Vibe Rave (£87.99) at Lovehoney.

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