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A few weeks ago, Orion kindly sent me the two new Womanizer models to review. I was super excited to get my hands on this Plus Size model, although I’m still not in love with the name of it. I can see why it was named Plus Size but I feel it might put some people off wanting to use it. Outside of the name, this model seemed to solve a few of my past issues with previous Womanizers straight away, particularly the shape issues I had with the W500. Did it stand up to the test once it was turned on or was it a massive disappointment? Read on to find out!

I really liked the presentation with this model. It arrived in a clean, white and gold box with a few glossy pictures of the product and the Womanizer branding. It’s classic and understated, but definitely nice enough to give as a gift I think. Inside the box, the Plus Size was found amongst the charging cable, adapter, user manual, satin storage pouch and a spare silicone head, which I believe was the larger size. I’m really glad that Womanizer decided to include storage with this model as I was sad one wasn’t included with my Pro 40.

Womanizer Plus Size

Womanizer Plus Size







It needed a full charge upon arrival as it arrived with none and this took roughly 120 minutes. This is said to give around 240 minutes of play time (depending on the setting used), which I think is a wonderful ratio. I’ve only needed to recharge it twice so far despite using it regularly since it arrived. To charge, the jack needs to be placed into the port on the toy (which is hidden behind a silicone flap on the base) and the USB into a charging station. I’ve had no issues with the charging process as the LED light helps determine when its taking place, but please note that the product gets quite warm whilst doing so, so it’s best to keep on hard surfaces.

Am I in absolutely love and lust with this sleek long-bodied Womanizer? Yes! The Plus Size has maintained the shape of the original Womanizer creation in terms of shape, but it’s been made on a larger scale. I’m a big fan of a long handle and slim body, which is exactly what this model offers. I find it much easier to control than the W500 and I have a slight preference to it over the W100 and Pro 40. It’s really comfortable to hold, especially for long-term use and it has fantastic button placement. The power button at one end and the plus/minus buttons are at the other, making sure there are no accidents mid use.

Womanizer Plus SizeWhere it differs (other than sheer size) from the W100 and W500 is the design. Out with the days of bright crocodile print, leopard print and gemstone buttons and in with this classic black, white and gold colour scheme that screams luxury. It’s not particularly femme which I think is a bonus as it feels more inclusive to those who have a clitoris but don’t identify as female. It’s also more inviting to those who were put off by previous designs. It looks like a classy sex toy now and I think this is definitely the most luxurious edition of the Womanizer to date.

If you’ve read my reviews of the original models, you’ll remember that I complained that they weren’t waterproof. I cannot do that in my latest set of reviews. Like the Pro 40, the Plus Size is aqua suitable. I’m so glad feedback has been taken on board and listened to as now the cleaning process is much easier. It also gives more options for play and the consensus seems to be that these toys feel better when used in the bath. I like to gently rinse the entire unit and then dry with a cloth before removing the silicone head and washing that more intensively. I generally use a q-tip with antibacterial cleaner on to get any lube and lint residue from the head following each use.

Womanizer Plus SizeAs I mentioned above, I’m fond of the button placement. I think the three-button interface is incredibly easy to understand. Power turns the Womanizer on and off, whilst the other two buttons control the intensity and cycle through the various settings. I love the fact that there’s up and down arrows as I like to be able to go back to a previous setting if I accidentally pass the one I want or opt for too much too soon. There are twelve settings to explore on this clitoral stimulator and I tend to use settings six and above, with the deciding factor being how fast I want to orgasm.

Who do I think is best suited to a toy like the Womanizer? Someone who likes direct clitoral contact. If you are somebody who prefers wands to bullet vibrators, then you might find something like the Womanizer to be too intense even on the lowest settings. It might be too much for someone who’s particularly sensitive too as this stimulation is quite precise. If you’re in either of those situations, you are probably better off with something broader. I personally like both types of stimulation but direct is what gets me off the fastest, which makes a product like this a dream for me.

Womanizer Plus SizeAnd best suited to this particular model? People who prefer longer-handled toys, be that for reasons of comfort or reasons related to a disability or condition. I have weak joints and problems with my wrists, so something longer feels more comfortable to me and I’m able to hold onto it for longer. If you have reach issues with the original Womanizer, then this might be the answer to all your prayers. It doesn’t have much weight to it, so people with motor issues/mobility issues should have no issues with holding this upright.

In terms of how the stimulation feels, I can’t really fault it. It’s quite apparent by now that this technology really works for me and the Womanizer Plus Size didn’t change that. It has a great range of intensities and I can force an orgasm out of myself in less than a minute with setting 12. I can enjoy orgasmic bliss with the majority of the higher settings though. The lower settings are great for occasions where I want to do some teasing or prolong an orgasm. The Womanizer Plus Size is such a reliable orgasm-achieving device for me and I think it’s a massive improvement on the original model. It’s not going to be a product that works so quickly for everybody, but I do think it will be great for those who enjoy direct clitoral stimulation.

Womanizer Plus SizeOn the topic of describing the sensations, I think there’s a factor that’s worth mentioning. The choice of head can make all the difference. I am fond of the regular heads as I think these work best with my body and preferences. These heads make the pressure feel more precise than the larger ones in my opinion. The larger heads take away some of the intensity for me personally, but I will use them on occasion if I don’t want to orgasm within five minutes. I have a smaller clitoris, so that might be the reasoning behind that. Those who have a larger clitoris might find the opposite occurs.

Noise is one of the first things that I’m asked about regarding these toys, so it’s worth repeating that none of these stimulators are completely quiet due to the mechanisms involved. I do think noise is an important factor for a lot of people, so if you’re one of them, this is a model I’d suggest steering away from. This is louder than the other Womanizer models in my opinion, but I find it tolerable and just opt to use it whenever I get the house to myself or I take it in the bath to muffle the sound. If something as quiet as possible is essential, then you’re left with two choices. The W100 and the Pro 40. If you don’t need the additional intensity, then the W100 is the best of the bunch.

In conclusion, I loved the Womanizer Plus Size. I love the elegant aesthetics that this offers, the variety of intensities and the sleek, easy-to-use control panel. I find this the most comfortable of the four current Womanizer models, just because of the long body, but it’s not as easy to carry around as the smaller Pro 40. It is definitely a step in a fantastic direction for the brand and I hope they continue to do things like this, rather than bringing out more garish designs. It has everything I could want in a clitoral stimulator and I’m excited to see how they can improve on this. The only downside of this model is the noise, but hey, I can live with it in exchange for getting my mind-blown on a nightly basis.

I received the Womanizer Plus Size (€189.00/£161.78) from Orion in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

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